Hello fellow Nintendo fans, I am finally back from my break. I am sure you guys didn’t miss me, but I missed yea! I am not returning back to my new revised work schedule until next week, but I will be in and out all weekend. I am looking forward to talking Nintendo with you all again.

I just got back from my local GameSTop, and it reminded me how much they suck! (not a professional word, but they do) I was scanning the coming soon section and spotted the DSi box. I headed over to a employee standing in the back to ask them if there was a discount if I turned in my DS light for a DSi. Like they do for the DS Phat for a DS light. This is were the story goes down hill. I was given a answer by the employee that is still making my blood boil. “We don’t but you can turn in any this generation system and get $25 trade in credit. Which you can put it towards a DSi or any game.” As stood there thinking about how much this “deal” would loose me $145ish, the GameStop employee decided to make it worse which his next statement. “If you ask me that sounds like a pretty good deal.” Really? Really? How would you feel loosing $145? How about this deal, you can give me $25 to punch you in the stomach, how about that deal? Well, I am glad I am back and I will catch you guys later.