This is a question that I have been wondering for a long time, we have even had this discussion here at purenintendo. Some here believe that it is part of what you are, so why try to hide it. Some of us are a little less comfortable with this. I think the bigger question for me is; when do I tell them that I work at a Nintendo based website? I have many reactions from that’s awesome to, Oh cool… The guys over at, asked a bunch of girls this question. “If on a first date, a guy reveals that he’s a “gamer” (meaning he plays a lot of video games), is this a good or bad thing?” One of the many answers you can find below.

Definitely a bad thing. Sorry. This means that he will be spending more time on the couch for hours playing a game to get through it rather than spending time with me. Casual gaming is ok but those diehard gamers are very consumed with getting through the game. My brother in law’s marriage went down the tubes and the reasoning by his ex-wife was that all he did was sit on the couch and play his play station and gain weight and his health deteriorated (due to inactivity and weight gain). So I would definitely say BAD THING.

—Vicky, Art Director

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