Pop Chart Lab has created one of the most aesthetically pleasing infographics that I think I’ve ever seen.  In this infographic called ‘The Nebula of NES Games’ there are multiple spirals that chronicle the release of over 700 NES games between 1984 to 1993.  Each spiral in the infographic represents a different ‘genre’ and the timelines begin in the center spiraling out to the edges.The Nebula of NES Games3

I think the best part of this infographic is that it is available for purchase!  The 24″ x 36″ infographic is available at the Pop Chart Lab website starting at $26!  To get a better view of the infographic, visit Pop Chart Lab’s website.  There are over 100 illustrations in the infographic and would be a spectacular piece to add to any gamers collection.

From 1984 to 1993, over 700 games were released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and they’re all represented here in an out-of-this-world chart. Starting from the middle and spiraling out, this star system of NES history tracks every game broken down by release date and genre, with over 100 illustrations of notable titles, encompassing classics like “Battletoads” and “Tecmo Bowl” as well as obscurities and oddities like “Day Dreamin’ Davey” and “Kickle Cubicle.” A tribute to the button-mashing days of old, this pan-galactic gallery is the ultimate catalog of NES games.

The Nebula of NES GamesImage Credit