Are you a picross fan? Hey, me too. So is Nick Lowe, Design Director of Hungry Sky. I spoke to Nick at this weekend’s PAX Aus 2023 event about the team’s own spin on this classic puzzle genre. Nekograms is a popular mobile game about helping cats get to sleep. And the team is currently working on a Nintendo Switch version.

Nick is the creative genius behind Nekograms. The concept came about many moons ago to help fill the gap of a lack of picross-like games on mobile phones. This was in the days before smartphones, kids. 

Nekograms from Hungry Sky - screen 1

At the time, those small screens didn’t quite fit the picross format; there was no room for the numbers along the side. With that in mind, a new sliding concept was developed, featuring light bulbs that switch on and off.

Nekograms evolved from this idea, eventually swapping light bulbs for cute kitties. It launched on smartphones in 2020, featuring three worlds of forty levels each. Three new worlds are in the works, ready to be added when it hits the Switch next year. There’s also an unlockable endless mode featuring every cat’s ultimate dream: a tuna galaxy. Fun fact: each of the 20+ cats featured in Nekograms has a name inspired by a shopping trip. However it came about, the name Peach Fuzz is just adorable.

Nekograms from Hungry Sky - screen 2

As a huge Nintendo Switch fan, Nick and the team are working hard to create the best experience possible for our favorite hybrid console. They’d even love to create a physical release at some point if possible. This is another example of the passionate work of indie developers; it’s been a pleasure to meet with them at PAX Aus.

This cute cat-themed puzzle game is definitely one to watch out for. We’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on things, so stay tuned for further updates about Nekograms as it nears its Switch release.

You can follow Hungry Sky on Twitter or check out the Nekograms website as well.

Nekograms - Hungry Sky - PAX Aus 2023