Indie developer Gamesbymo is working on A.N.N.E. and the game could hit the Wii U if enough funds are raised during their Kickstarter.  Gamesbymo was founded in September 2012 by Moise ‘Mo’ Breton and at that time decided to begin working on A.N.N.E.  Mo is a huge fan of games and pulls inspiration for A.N.N.E. from many classic games 8 and 16 bit games such as Super Mario, Gradius, Metroid, Contra, Mega Man, and Casltevania.

As of this writing, Gamesbymo has raised $51,394 of his $70,000 goal which means that he is about 73% funded on Kickstarter.  To see A.N.N.E. on the Wii U, Gamesbymo must hit their stretch goal of $170,000.  Check out the trailer for A.N.N.E. above, read over some of the details for the game below, and also make sure to check out Mo’s Kickstarter.  To see another great game on the Wii U, back Gamesbymo and A.N.N.E. on Kickstarter!

A.N.N.E. is a Metroidvania and space shooter hybrid game where players will play as a worker robot called Number 25.  In A.N.N.E. Number 25 is exploring Planet Gomi in search of his girlfriend. When exploring Planet Gomi players can either us his spaceship or travel on foot.  Depending on which method of travel the player uses the game automatically adjusts the field of view.  This allows players to see more of the environment when flying the ship.


Throughout the game players will collect energy crystals which act as both experience points and in game currency.  As experience points are collected the stats are upgraded automatically.  Also, Number 25 and his ship has stats that or independent of each other.  So when flying the ship experience points collected will go towards the ship and same goes for controlling Number 25 on foot.  The energy crystals can also be used to purchase upgrades for either Number 25 or his ship.