Causal Bit Games has posted on their site that their upcoming Wii U eShop release Insanity’s Blade will be delayed in order to make some changes after feedback from game testers.

Well we have the game completed aside of a few minor glitches. But we’ve had people testing the game and all have made suggestions to game play mechanics, sounds issues, and other little things. So we’ve talked it over and decided to put the game into TBA status for the public.

The game was funded via Kickstarter in December last year and we reported on the game’s Wii U announcement in March. Kickstarter backers will also receive a private build of the game, but those of us waiting on the Wii U version of the 8-bit, arcade-style adventure will have to wait a little longer.

Are you disappointed to hear that this game will be delayed? We’ll let you know about an official release date when it’s announced, but in the meantime tell us in the comments if you’re looking forward to this title eventually hitting the eShop.