New Insecticide Trailers & Bonus Pre-order Item

Cockpit, Austin, TX – January 7, 2008 – Yet another major break in the case of Crackpot Entertainment’s Insecticide action/adventure has emerged – with news of the February 26, 2008 ship date, preorders have now begun that include a limited edition Art Book with online access to special content . Major retailers worldwide are backing the insectoid super-sleuths as the biggest case in Troi continues to unfurl. Gamers can get in on the ground floor and help search out the clues by pre-ordering their copy today.

Rookie Detective Chrys Liszt and her partner Roachy Caruthers are on the case of a murder that has rocked Troi to its very core. Help Chrys uncover clues that will lead to a startling discovery no one could have ever expected. While players shoot, snoop and finesse their way though the game they’ll learn that there’s more to some bugs than just a pretty exoskeleton.

Word on the street says a couple retailers are offering key evidence in the case – free Insecticide art books with every pre-order. These 16 page, 9” x 7”, full-color art books are extremely limited and won’t last long. They’ll feature exclusive artwork and provide access to even more content online which includes screenshots, sneak peek at trailers, content from the developers, concept art and a complete digital strategy guide. Follow the trail to your local GameStop or EB or take the search online at and join the Insecticide team.

Insecticide will be shipping for Nintendo DS on February 26, 2008 as will the first part of the bisodic download for PC.