NoE: How do you see the future of the Paper Mario franchise? Also, are there any plans for a Paper Mario game for Nintendo DS?

RK: “I myself cannot anticipate what the Paper Mario series will be like in the future. Not being able to know the future makes me excited. In any event, I want to make something that can surprise people who see it. I do not have any specific plan for Nintendo DS either, but I think we can make a unique Paper Mario if we make use of the capabilities of the Nintendo DS.”

KT: “I think that with Super Paper Mario we accomplished to make a great game that fits well into the Paper Mario universe. If we come up with another unique and influential idea, better than the feature of switching between 2D and 3D dimensions, then we may start to create new Paper Mario title, however, we are not working on anything concrete at this point in time.

“We would be very pleased if players have a good time with Super Paper Mario for now!”

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