An interesting patent has shown up on the United States patent board, and it has Mr. Miyamoto’s name all over it. The rumor is that its a Zelda game, but we really do not know. (Read the full Patent HERE)

User saved-data storage means S19 stores user saved-data which is generated as a result of a game play performed by a user. Digest saved-data storage means S48 stores a plurality of pieces of digest saved-data which are previously generated so as to be associated with predetermined scenes, respectively, in a game. Game start means S14 starts the game process without using the user saved-data and the plurality of pieces of digest saved-data. Game resuming means S12, S13 starts the game process by using the user saved-data. Digest game start means S4 starts the game process by using any of the plurality of pieces of digest saved-data. Saving means S19 generates the user saved-data, only in the game process started by the game start means or the game resuming means.

That’s not very clear on what patent is, but check out some of the sketches that come with the 64 pages of the Patent.

Sure does look like a Zelda game to me. The question is now, was these sketches just an example of the new technology or is this really going to be a new Zelda game? Either way it turns out this patent would make for a pretty interesting game.