IGN: So Eduardo the Samurai Toaster came out of nowhere this morning.

Daniel Coleman, Semnat Studios: Actually we had planned on sending out a press release earlier but things didn’t go through. We forgot about the ESRB. So this was the earliest we could get it out.

IGN: What’s the story with Semnat Studios?

Coleman: It started out just me and my friend Robert DeMaria and we just started making games casually five years ago. We decided this was something we could make something out of. I guess we officially formed it in 2005. We did several versions of Eduardo for PC and finally for the Wii late last year.

IGN: Do you have other games available online?

Coleman: No, we never finished any of them. The past five years have basically just been a learning process for us, working on iteration after iteration of the game. We never released anything because we were never satisfied with the final product.

IGN: How many people are on the team?

Coleman: Myself, Robert, and Ian Bowie, plus a music guy. We’re all working, we all have our own jobs. We’re doing this on the side but we’re quite a few hours into it.

IGN: Where is Semnat Studios located?

Coleman: Northern Colorado.

IGN: What brought you to working on WiiWare?

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