I had another chance to sit down with the Stack Smash team and discuss some of the new characters/bosses/moves that are available for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you’re a brawl fan of any kind, read below for the full interview.  For those that don’t know, the Stack Smash team works on creating new content for Smash Bros. Brawl such as new characters, bosses, levels, and now, even new movesets.

I didn’t go through and edit this time since it’s a lot longer than last time, so you’ve got the full, unedited version below :)

What do you guys think of some of the Brawl hacks you’ve seen so far?  I think the above version of Petey Piranha is pretty rad!

Check out their website here for more Brawl hacks

[4:29pm] PZT: Model hacking isn’t possible yet, but it’s coming.
[4:29pm] myuutSuu: All we have are model resizing codes, but no made-from-scratch characters
[4:29pm] BP: I want to make Little Mac with a modified version of Mario’s moveset.
[4:29pm] purejustin: ok, yeah i saw that some custom moves were possible now
[4:29pm] Androu1: They are pretty damn hard to make, tho
[4:29pm] Phreeq_Q joined the chat room.
[4:29pm] PZT: Wow Phreeq.
[4:29pm] Phreeq_Q: YAY!
[4:29pm] Androu1: no, bad timing.
[4:29pm] Phreeq_Q: oh
[4:29pm] PZT: The PN guy just asked the first question.
[4:29pm] Phreeq_Q: boo
[4:29pm] purejustin: 1. Creatively speaking, how has the stack smash team progressed with creating new characters? Is it still modifying existing character data or is it possible to create brand new 3D characters?
[4:29pm] BP: Nice! Good! Great! Great! Great!
[4:29pm] PZT: Still, he made it in nicely.
[4:29pm] purejustin: there it is again
[4:30pm] purejustin: for phreeq’s sake
[4:30pm] BP: Well, I… wait you asked this one already.
[4:30pm] Androu1: lawl
[4:30pm] BP: Heh heh
[4:30pm] myuutSuu: (lol, BP)
[4:30pm] CaptainJim: But Phreeq is too slow
[4:30pm] Phreeq_Q: oh
[4:30pm] CaptainJim: C’monstepitup
[4:30pm] PZT: Phreeq really knows nothing about this stuff. He hasn’t been doing anything for months and he’s only started becoming active again a few days ago.
[4:30pm] Phreeq_Q: yeah
[4:30pm] purejustin: ah, ok, gotcha
[4:30pm] Phreeq_Q: so i suppose im still editing existing data
[4:31pm] PZT: Bring on the next question man.
[4:31pm] BP: Mega Man… good luck
[4:31pm] FurCatLeon: Megaman 10 AMIRITE?
[4:31pm] BP: There is actually a Question Man?
[4:31pm] CaptainJim: No
[4:31pm] CaptainJim: MM10 doesn’t exist
[4:32pm] Androu1: QUESTION MAN
[4:32pm] BP: Oh yeah
[4:32pm] Bluz: lol
[4:32pm] FurCatLeon:
[4:32pm] BP: Suh
[4:32pm] BP: duh
[4:32pm] CaptainJim: MAJORA’S MASK 10
[4:32pm] FurCatLeon:
[4:32pm] purejustin: 2. I noticed bosses are now editable, what other characters can be manipulated in the game?
[4:32pm] PZT: Well BP, bad grammar makes me [sic].
[4:32pm] Androu1: That’s like TP, Jim
[4:32pm] myuutSuu: Haha, just about everything…
[4:32pm] FurCatLeon: I think nearly everything that moves can be edited now
[4:32pm] Bluz: assists
[4:32pm] BP: Yeah, most everything
[4:32pm] PZT: Well, you can texture hack pretty much everything now.
[4:32pm] BP: Pokémon incompatible encoding
[4:32pm] Androu1: Stages don’t move, Leon
[4:32pm] BP: The Alloys
[4:32pm] Bluz: with 2D assists, you can change the sprites
[4:32pm] Androu1: And they can be edited
[4:32pm] myuutSuu: Bosses, Alloys, Subspace Enemy, all texture hackable
[4:32pm] PZT: The assists, Pokemon, Alloys, final smashes, everything.
[4:32pm] FurCatLeon: YESH DEY DO ANDROU
[4:32pm] Bluz: creating very nice stuff
[4:32pm] Bluz: :3
[4:33pm] PZT: Yeah, with like the Excitebikers, you can edit the sprites to look like anything.
[4:33pm] BP: Except Mr. Game & Watch
[4:33pm] Phreeq_Q: Even mario
[4:33pm] Androu1: Except the palettes are very limited
[4:33pm] Androu1: VERY
[4:33pm] BP: Except his emerald texture
[4:33pm] myuutSuu: Even the main menu and selection screens can be edited
[4:33pm] FurCatLeon: Since when?
[4:33pm] Androu1: Mr. Game & Watch can be hacked by editing his CLR0
[4:33pm] FurCatLeon: I never seen a Main Menu hack
[4:33pm] Androu1: It’s just messy and lame
[4:34pm] PZT: And he can be hacked by editing his “emerald texture” which is basically his SSE Great Maze texture.
[4:34pm] BP: The dark clone things.
[4:34pm] PZT: By editing emeralds, you can create ultra-shiny textures for other characters, like Cinder 2.0 by Dhragen, or Shadow Mario by Pako.
[4:34pm] BP: Those are for fancy things like turning people into gold.
[4:34pm] FurCatLeon:
[4:35pm] BP: Not Gold like… the protagonist of Gold and Silver
[4:35pm] BP: I did that without emeralds
[4:35pm] FurCatLeon:
[4:35pm] BP: Bwahahaa
[4:35pm] PZT: Next question, Justin?
[4:36pm] • FurCatLeon hugs Justin
[4:36pm] purejustin: 3. Is it possible to create custom items for the level editor? Or even the levels themselves?
[4:36pm] FurCatLeon: Not yet
[4:36pm] Bluz: Not yet
[4:36pm] FurCatLeon: maybe once models are avaliable
[4:36pm] Androu1: No but you can edit the textures of the existing sets
[4:37pm] Bluz: creating neat stuff like
[4:37pm] Bluz: Mario blocks
[4:37pm] FurCatLeon: I’m making a Tetris Set at the moment
[4:37pm] FurCatLeon: (LOL UPDATE SPOILERS)
[4:37pm] purejustin: ok, nice! so you can basically edit any of the items’ look?
[4:37pm] BP: I’ve got a template finished but not quite everything that’s going in it
[4:37pm] myuutSuu: Yes
[4:37pm] CaptainJim: DARN IT LEON
[4:37pm] PZT: No, not yet Justin.
[4:38pm] PZT: But, however, there has been some hacking to push the level editor.
[4:38pm] FurCatLeon: >:3
[4:38pm] PZT: Like overlapping items and bypassing the limit of placable items.
[4:38pm] BP: Anything that’s shaped like those Easter Island statues
[4:38pm] PZT: And there are some betablocks that got cut from the final game.
[4:38pm] BP: You can make it
[4:38pm] FurCatLeon: PZT werent there just 1?
[4:38pm] BP: Is that what that curvy thing is?
[4:38pm] purejustin: ok, nice, any betacharacter data?
[4:38pm] PZT: You can edit them using a program recently released for the PC allowing you to make stages on your computer.
[4:38pm] FurCatLeon: everyone wants to know this
[4:39pm] PZT: Well, yeah, sorta.
[4:39pm] PZT: There are placeholders for cut characters.
[4:39pm] BP: I’ve seen not hide nor hair of it and the story’s always different
[4:39pm] FurCatLeon: Luigi has an unused costume
[4:39pm] PZT: But nothing actually *there*
[4:39pm] BP: Some say Mewtwo had voice clips
[4:39pm] purejustin: i think Twilight Princess had some enemies on the disc that weren’t actually in the final game
[4:39pm] Androu1: Some are consuming drugs @ BP
[4:39pm] FurCatLeon: There was
[4:39pm] BP: Ah
[4:39pm] PZT: There’s stuff for Mewtwo, Roy, Dixie Kong, the Doc, and more.
[4:39pm] FurCatLeon: a goron Golem and a Twilight Golem
[4:39pm] myuutSuu: There were a few SSE characters that were cut, too
[4:39pm] BP: Colin, that kid from TP, has textures
[4:39pm] PZT: But the really interesting thing here is beta items.
[4:39pm] myuutSuu: Bladeknight, Waddle Doo, Waddle Dee, and Bonkers, I believe
[4:40pm] PZT: This is secret junk, nobody really knows about it except me.
[4:40pm] FurCatLeon: shuddup PZT
[4:40pm] BP: for Bridge of Eldin–I figure he would have been on King Slime-o’s pole again
[4:40pm] PZT: Inside the file item_list_en.msbin there’s a list of the game’s items.
[4:40pm] BP: And was taken out when people beat him up
[4:40pm] PZT: I opened it up (it’s plaintext), and one of the items listed is called X PARASITE
[4:40pm] Androu1: XXX Parasite
[4:40pm] PZT: Obviously, the more versed of you in Nintendo lore will recognize this as a cut item based off Metroid Fusion.
[4:41pm] purejustin: interesting, so there’s quite a bit of unfinished material that never made it in the final game?
[4:41pm] FurCatLeon:
[4:41pm] PZT: Yeah.
[4:41pm] myuutSuu: Yeah
[4:41pm] FurCatLeon: lots
[4:41pm] PZT: And there’s beta music tracks.
[4:41pm] PZT: But they aren’t actually in the files either.
[4:41pm] FurCatLeon: but they couldnt be opened right?
[4:41pm] PZT: There’s a lot of remix tracks.
[4:41pm] PZT: Yoshi’s Cookie…etc.
[4:41pm] FurCatLeon: >:C
[4:41pm] BP: Broken helmet/mask textures for Captain Falcon/Meta Knight, respectively, but that’s old news
[4:42pm] myuutSuu: Beware the Forest Mushrooms… Haha
[4:42pm] Androu1: I’m lagging!
[4:42pm] FurCatLeon: Hold on fellas, you can continue, but im gettin a MilkShake
[4:42pm] purejustin: 4. With the custom movesets, can any type of control input be used? Like mapping the moves to crazy motion controls (maybe not the best idea)
[4:42pm] • FurCatLeon runs for milkshake
[4:42pm] PZT: Yeah, the broken helmet/mask textures left out of the game prove that at one point there was going to be battle damage versions of MK/Falcon.
[4:43pm] Androu1: Nope, Justin
[4:43pm] Androu1: Can’t change controls
[4:43pm] Bluz: only the movement
[4:43pm] BP: Not that I can imagine. It’s just changing “this move does this” to “this move does that”
[4:43pm] Bluz: effects
[4:43pm] Bluz: SFX
[4:43pm] PZT: Nintendo actually advertised destructible environments as a feature for SSBB at E306, but this really was only played prominently in Skyworld, the KI stage.
[4:43pm] PZT: BP summed it up, basically.
[4:44pm] purejustin: gotcha
[4:44pm] • FurCatLeon returns with Milkshake
[4:44pm] FurCatLeon: would Justin like a Milkshake?
[4:44pm] Androu1 left the chat room. (Quit: I quit!!!)
[4:44pm] PZT: If I was rich and had money to burn, I would seek out the E For All Brawl demo.
[4:44pm] FurCatLeon: I remember all the rumors srrounding that
[4:45pm] FurCatLeon: “they’re releasing a Beta Download channel”
[4:45pm] PZT: The E For All Brawl demo had wavedashing, according to Gimpyfish.
[4:45pm] FurCatLeon: “some sold the demo at E3”
[4:45pm] BP: I already hate it
[4:45pm] FurCatLeon: “Eforall*
[4:45pm] BP:
[4:45pm] PZT: That demo wouldn’t be IMPOSSIBLE to locate, just tough.
[4:45pm] FurCatLeon: GimpyFish is a lying douchebag
[4:45pm] PZT: Really tough.
[4:45pm] PZT: And you’d have to pay lots of monies.
[4:45pm] FurCatLeon: oh did I mention Gimpyfish is a douchebag?
[4:45pm] FurCatLeon: >_>
[4:46pm] BP: Ssshhhhhhh this is national TV
[4:46pm] FurCatLeon: but yesh, I agre with PZT on this
[4:46pm] Bluz: lol’d
[4:46pm] FurCatLeon: I’ll say what I want, WHEN I WANT
[4:46pm] PZT: But one look at the site of our webhost (X-Cult) proves that it’s easy to obtain such things, you just have to have a fat wallet.
[4:46pm] FurCatLeon: in toher words he means SonicCult the site notorious for finding beta’s and demos
[4:46pm] FurCatLeon: other*
[4:47pm] PZT: Yeah. If anyone could get something like the E For All Brawl demo, it’d be Sazpaimon.
[4:47pm] purejustin: 5. Have there been any big breakthroughs since we last spoke as far as making the editing easier and loading into the game?
[4:48pm] FurCatLeon: Not really
[4:48pm] CaptainJim: Well you can do music hacks with the SD card now
[4:48pm] FurCatLeon: ASH is still plain old ASH
[4:48pm] CaptainJim: That’s pretty awesome
[4:48pm] BP: That! Yes!
[4:48pm] PZT: Only one.
[4:48pm] PZT: Which is what Jim mentioned.
[4:48pm] BP: Music SD loading rocks
[4:48pm] FurCatLeon: Indeed it does
[4:48pm] purejustin: is hexing still a big part of the process?
[4:48pm] PZT: Phantom Wings, the codemaker, doesn’t know the definition of the word impossible.
[4:48pm] FurCatLeon: SSB:Brawl + Crush 40 and Garbage = WinRAR
[4:48pm] FurCatLeon: and only for Items Justin
[4:49pm] PZT: Hexing will always be, it’s just automated with ASH.
[4:49pm] myuutSuu: Not sure if stage hacking was mentioned before…
[4:49pm] BP: Hexing, nah. There’s a program for everything
[4:49pm] myuutSuu: That’s gone pretty lax, too
[4:49pm] BP: Oh, well, I meant in the traditional sense
[4:49pm] PZT: Well, really only items and menu hacking.
[4:49pm] BP: Old-fashioned type
[4:49pm] Androu1 joined the chat room.
[4:49pm] FurCatLeon: PZT, I demand to see a Menu Hack >:C
[4:49pm] Androu1 was promoted to operator by ChanServ.
[4:50pm] Androu1: Sorry, my computer became a stupid PMSing whore
[4:50pm] PZT: Menu hacking is very much possible, it’s just that nobody really wants to do it.
[4:50pm] myuutSuu: ^ That
[4:50pm] Warchamp7: Am I late?
[4:51pm] myuutSuu: A lot of stuff in the files you have to mess with, just to make them work
[4:51pm] purejustin: 6. Speaking of that, what are the major ‘wants’ in the SSB hacking community?
[4:51pm] PZT: Model hacking.
[4:51pm] Androu1: Fire Sonic
[4:51pm] Androu1: *is shot*
[4:51pm] purejustin: heh
[4:51pm] BP: I want model hacking pretty bad
[4:51pm] PZT: Model hacking, model hacking, model hacking.
[4:51pm] FurCatLeon: I personally want Models and …. uh …..
[4:51pm] Androu1: Fire Sonic!!!
[4:51pm] PZT: Everything else has pretty much been done.
[4:51pm] BP: They want the roster to be updated
[4:51pm] myuutSuu: From the Melee side, textured stages
[4:51pm] purejustin: so, i’m not sure, ….but model hacking seems to be one of the requests?
[4:51pm] purejustin:
[4:51pm] Androu1: No u
[4:52pm] FurCatLeon: Nah, only we want it
[4:52pm] Androu1: Model hacking and sound effects
[4:52pm] Androu1: That’s all that’s left
[4:52pm] FurCatLeon: Voice editing = WIN
[4:52pm] BP: And inserting character slots
[4:52pm] Androu1: (And IMO Sound effect editing is retarded)
[4:52pm] PZT: Yeah.
[4:52pm] Androu1: We need unlimited costume slots
[4:52pm] FurCatLeon: I want to edit the voices
[4:53pm] PZT: Unlimited costume slots is something I’d personally love.
[4:53pm] myuutSuu: That’d be very handy
[4:53pm] BP: I don’t have a problem with completely replacing Lucario with Mewtwo
[4:53pm] CaptainJim: ^
[4:53pm] Androu1: None of us do, BP
[4:53pm] BP: Lucario can eat my shorts
[4:53pm] CaptainJim: Or his
[4:53pm] FurCatLeon: Except me
[4:53pm] • FurCatLeon sits in corner
[4:53pm] CaptainJim: He has his own shorts to eat
[4:53pm] purejustin: 7. Can the game modes be edited at all?
[4:53pm] BP: Hahaha
[4:53pm] Androu1: no
[4:53pm] FurCatLeon: Kinda
[4:54pm] FurCatLeon: With codes Phanthom Wings made a couple of code to edit the Online modes
[4:54pm] PZT: No, but there is a beta gameplay mode.
[4:54pm] BP: Yes. I am making Coin Launcher into a 3-D laser tag-style stealth mode
[4:54pm] PZT: Boss Battles Wifi was found in the game’s code. Phantom Wings enabled it.
[4:54pm] BP: (I wish)
[4:54pm] Androu1: Lawl BP
[4:54pm] FurCatLeon: Same thing PZT
[4:54pm] purejustin: boss battles wifi sounds pretty sweet
[4:54pm] BP: Being able to play on Wi-Fi sounds pretty sweet to me
[4:55pm] FurCatLeon: I still want Super Smash Kart Bros
[4:55pm] BP: Never get satellite Internet.
[4:55pm] purejustin: 8. Is it possible to make the Brawl’s online system better????
[4:55pm] purejustin:
[4:55pm] FurCatLeon: Nope
[4:55pm] FurCatLeon: because it sucks that much
[4:55pm] PZT: Boss Battles Wifi.
[4:55pm] myuutSuu: Heh, Probably not
[4:55pm] Androu1: Yes, but it’s very hard
[4:55pm] BP: Not on a Satellite connection
[4:55pm] PZT: The only way to make it better is to get a better connection.
[4:55pm] BP: Because Hughesnet sucks that much
[4:55pm] FurCatLeon: There is one method, but it involves money
[4:55pm] Androu1: We have to take Nintendo’s servers down and replace them with some that don’t suck!
[4:56pm] PZT: Oh, it’s also been improved through a code made to allow you to play Custom Stages on wifi.
[4:56pm] Androu1: Isn’t Wi-Fi laggy as shit anyway?
[4:56pm] PZT: It only works on friends and you both need to have the same stage and codes.
[4:56pm] purejustin: that’s pretty cool though
[4:56pm] FurCatLeon:
[4:57pm] FurCatLeon: ….
[4:57pm] purejustin: 9. ok, just thinking outloud, is it possible to host your own game of Brawl online, without going through nintendo’s wifi connection?
[4:58pm] PZT: It’s a good idea, but not possible AFAIK.
[4:58pm] FurCatLeon: doubtful
[4:58pm] purejustin: bummer, do you remember warp pipe?
[4:58pm] FurCatLeon:
[4:58pm] purejustin: they had a setup for lan games to be able to play online on the gamecube
[4:59pm] myuutSuu: Yeah
[4:59pm] myuutSuu: I remember that
[4:59pm] FurCatLeon: I never used it, but I heard of it
[4:59pm] purejustin: so mario kart double dash and 1080 avalanche could be played online i believe
[4:59pm] PZT: What Leon said.
[4:59pm] FurCatLeon: MK:DD was online anyway werent it?
[4:59pm] Androu1: I never even heard of it
[4:59pm] PZT: Justin, don’t forget Kirby Air Ride!
[4:59pm] purejustin: nope
[4:59pm] BP: No
[4:59pm] PZT: I loves me some Kirby Air Ride.
[4:59pm] FurCatLeon: unless im thinking of Kirby Air Ride
[4:59pm] purejustin: oh, yeah, that’s right! air ride had it
[4:59pm] FurCatLeon: what PZT said ^^
[4:59pm] BP: GameCube had like two official online games
[5:00pm] PZT: We’re actually starting to texture hack Air Ride.
[5:00pm] purejustin: i think the phantasy star games were the online official online games right?
[5:00pm] Androu1: Kirby Air Ride > Mario Kat
[5:00pm] Androu1: Kart*
[5:00pm] FurCatLeon: Kirby Air Ride is one of the greatest GC experiences there is
[5:00pm] PZT: S invented the tech for it. Like Melee.
[5:00pm] BP: F-ZERO > *
[5:00pm] FurCatLeon: Yes Justin
[5:00pm] BP: F-ZERO GX > Kirby Any Ride
[5:00pm] FurCatLeon: I think I’m the online Real PSO fan here though
[5:00pm] Androu1: I dunt liek PSO
[5:00pm] FurCatLeon: Phantasy Star Online*
[5:00pm] purejustin: sweet, so that goes into my next question..
[5:01pm] FurCatLeon: I’m in love with Episode 1 and 2
[5:01pm] PZT: City Trial, BP.
[5:01pm] PZT: City Trial.
[5:01pm] BP: DEATH ANCHOR.
[5:01pm] PZT: And don’t you forget it!
[5:01pm] FurCatLeon: what other games have we hacked?
[5:01pm] PZT: PSO was a great game, but it’s probably most known as the only way of dumping GC games before the Wii existed.
[5:01pm] CaptainJim: Huh what
[5:01pm] CaptainJim: What’s going on
[5:01pm] purejustin: 10. Are there plans and ways of hacking other Wii/GC games?
[5:02pm] PZT: YES.
[5:02pm] myuutSuu: Definitely
[5:02pm] purejustin: you guessed it furcat
[5:02pm] PZT: Melee and Air Ride.
[5:02pm] myuutSuu: Smash Bros. Melee, Kirby Air Ride so far
[5:02pm] BP: Not from me, nope
[5:02pm] Androu1: Not me
[5:02pm] PZT: We’re also trying to hack Star Fox Assault, but no dice regarding the format.
[5:02pm] purejustin: what about F-zero GX!
[5:02pm] purejustin: that would be awesome!
[5:02pm] PZT: To anyone reading this, sign up.
[5:02pm] BP: It’s already perfect!!
[5:02pm] FurCatLeon: I want to hack a few games
[5:02pm] PZT: We need a talented reverse engineer.
[5:02pm] BP: I don’t need to touch it!
[5:02pm] myuutSuu: Certainly wouldn’t mind looking into other games…
[5:02pm] purejustin: very true BP
[5:02pm] FurCatLeon: but I lack any real experience
[5:02pm] myuutSuu: But those two have me tied up as it is >_>
[5:03pm] BP: I’d like to take from some other games to put into Brawl…
[5:03pm] FurCatLeon: Legend of Zelda :TP would be amazing :3
[5:03pm] JavaGuest065 joined the chat room.
[5:03pm] MXXD: DBZ Tecnaichi 3
[5:03pm] PZT: Who are you?
[5:03pm] MXXD: Paper Mario
[5:03pm] BP: Little Mac’s model in Punch-Out!! to make playable, for example
[5:03pm] PZT: Get out, this is interview time!
[5:03pm] FurCatLeon: hold up PZT
[5:03pm] • MXXD zips mouth
[5:03pm] purejustin: zelda TP would be sweet
[5:03pm] PZT: MXXD, Tenkaichi 3 and PM aren’t officially objectives of us.
[5:03pm] FurCatLeon: I’m a rabid zelda fanboy, so I would say that though |3
[5:04pm] JavaGuest065 is now known as RoyPh123X.
[5:04pm] PZT: Oh.
[5:04pm] FurCatLeon: oh, the new guy
[5:04pm] FurCatLeon: well, new guy #3
[5:04pm] PZT: Justin, Roy and MXXD are new recruits of ours.
[5:04pm] FurCatLeon: along with douchecatgowoof
[5:04pm] purejustin: 11. Now with all your combined expertise, would you think it possible to create your own scenarios in Brawl? So in effect you’re able to make you’re own game out of it?
[5:05pm] Androu1: “you’re own game”
[5:05pm] Androu1: And I would say no
[5:05pm] FurCatLeon: I think once the models are done, that’ll be the end of it
[5:05pm] BP: I don’t know how much I’d want to
[5:05pm] PZT: Well, no, not with us, but I think it’s possible.
[5:05pm] Warchamp7: Once model hacking and sound hacking work, it’s possible
[5:05pm] FurCatLeon: I’d turn it into Star Fox Wii :3
[5:05pm] Warchamp7: Justin, remove all comments I’ve made thus far and tack my Am I late at the end of the interview
[5:05pm] Warchamp7: That’s my input
[5:05pm] PZT:
[5:05pm] purejustin: heh,
[5:06pm] BP: I have an idea for a better single-player mode more like Melee’s adventure mode, but it’d be mostly rearranging levels and bosses from SSE into something that’s not ten hours long
[5:06pm] FurCatLeon: Smash Bros in a Star Fox type game :3
[5:06pm] BP: Not that I know how to do that
[5:06pm] Androu1: DO A BARREL ROLL!
[5:06pm] FurCatLeon: Smash Bros in any sort of game would be a dream for a Nintendo Fanboy like me |3
[5:06pm] purejustin: agreed!
[5:07pm] PZT: I think it’d be best to hack SSE into something that isn’t a generic Kirby Super Star ripoff with Nintendo characters added in as an afterthought.
[5:07pm] BP: Meh. I think it’s best as it’s always been: Fight. Don’t ask why.
[5:07pm] Androu1: ^
[5:07pm] FurCatLeon: I’d cream my pants if I heard of a SSB:Kart, SSB:Adventure, SSB: hold up
[5:07pm] FurCatLeon: wait wait wait
[5:07pm] Androu1: Super Karting Bros
[5:07pm] BP: Kart racing with Mario and Link and Samus and Ness? Uhhhhhh nope
[5:07pm] FurCatLeon: PZT, you did NOT just slate Kirby Superstar >:C
[5:07pm] PZT: BP, it’d be awesome. But Falcon would be so broken.
[5:08pm] Androu1: What about Sonic?
[5:08pm] Warchamp7: His car ain’t broken in Mario Kart
[5:08pm] Warchamp7: SONIC RUNS
[5:08pm] Warchamp7: NO CAR
[5:08pm] PZT: Sonic doesn’t need a kart.
[5:08pm] BP: Mario Kart’s dying anyway
[5:08pm] PZT: He’d just go on-foot.
[5:08pm] Androu1: Exactly
[5:08pm] FurCatLeon: Actually they’re making a Sonic Kart W7
[5:08pm] CaptainJim: Snake riding REX would crush everything.
[5:08pm] Androu1: Mario Kart died when they added Blue Shells
[5:08pm] FurCatLeon: Which I’m looking kinda forward too
[5:08pm] PZT: Leon: I didn’t diss KSS. I dissed SSE, which is a ripoff of KSS.
[5:08pm] BP: next game will have more high, annoying numbers of racers in grand prix, more blue shells, less speed, less fun
[5:09pm] PZT: Seriously, compare the first Ridley fight and Tabuu to DynaBlade and Marx.
[5:09pm] FurCatLeon: SSE is probably the best thing they’ve done in ages (for me)
[5:09pm] BP: Blue shells were around since MK64
[5:09pm] FurCatLeon: I loved the SSE
[5:09pm] RoyPh123X: I was about to say that
[5:09pm] Androu1: That too, Mario Kart doesn’t feel fast
[5:09pm] FurCatLeon: probably because I love Kirby games
[5:09pm] CaptainJim: Running from the King P statue reminds me of Heavy Lobster
[5:09pm] BP: SSE sucks
[5:09pm] PZT: It was a generic platformer with Nintendo characters as playable.
[5:09pm] myuutSuu: @Jim: Agreed
[5:09pm] FurCatLeon: I think, thats what I liked about it
[5:09pm] FurCatLeon: Platformer = Cool
[5:10pm] BP: It’s like every little kid’s smashing action figures into each other… made real
[5:10pm] FurCatLeon: Nintendo chaarcters = cool
[5:10pm] PZT: I wanted a Nintendo platformer with Nintendo characters.
[5:10pm] BP: As far as the story goes
[5:10pm] purejustin: heh, yes, that ^
[5:10pm] BP: The story is what sucks
[5:10pm] PZT: Like Melee’s adventure mode. Platforming across familiar environments.
[5:10pm] FurCatLeon: I kinda DO agree with that BP
[5:10pm] Androu1: BP, that is SSB
[5:10pm] PZT: Not generic sand dune #1235674
[5:10pm] BP: No
[5:10pm] Androu1: WAIT
[5:10pm] Androu1: WHAT?!
[5:10pm] BP: SSB is Fight. Don’t ask why.
[5:10pm] Androu1: SSE had story?
[5:10pm] FurCatLeon: kinda
[5:10pm] Androu1: Man, I missed it
[5:11pm] FurCatLeon: the cut-scenes were cool … well … some were
[5:11pm] BP: Subspace Emissary is Fight. Here’s why: puuuuuuuuke
[5:11pm] Androu1: I thought it was “go from point A to point B and beat everything on the way”
[5:11pm] Androu1: Which wasn’t as good as it sounds
[5:11pm] FurCatLeon: like I said before, I liked it
[5:11pm] FurCatLeon: I guess some dont some do
[5:11pm] myuutSuu: Not in the Brawl 3-D way, though
[5:11pm] myuutSuu: Works pretty well for 2-D stuff
[5:11pm] CaptainJim: OR LUCARIO, WHO COULD BE EVIL
[5:12pm] CaptainJim: “OH MY GOD LUCARIO YEAH YEAAAAH!:
[5:12pm] FurCatLeon: I never got that
[5:12pm] Androu1: MK could fly
[5:12pm] BP: Kids, kids, kids
[5:12pm] FurCatLeon: the most obvious thing to do (during development) would be just make Mk playable at that bit
[5:12pm] Androu1: He was more useful than Lucario
[5:12pm] Androu1: And cooler
[5:12pm] PZT: Justin, next question?
[5:13pm] CaptainJim: Best thing about SSE (Besides Pokey) was the mindgame it plays when it first shows Snake’s box
[5:13pm] CaptainJim: “OH WE GET TO PLAY AS SNAKE NOW?!”
[5:13pm] CaptainJim: “Hahaha no”
[5:13pm] FurCatLeon: Snake sucks
[5:13pm] BP: Nope. Zamus!
[5:13pm] Androu1: “KEPT YOU WAITING, UH?”
[5:13pm] purejustin: 12. Going forward, when do you see something like model hacking being possible? Is it just a matter of learning 3ds max and getting the data into the game?
[5:13pm] Androu1: Go to hell Leon
[5:13pm] Androu1: >:U
[5:13pm] FurCatLeon: Im joking
[5:13pm] CaptainJim: Snake > Lucario
[5:13pm] CaptainJim: Forevah
[5:13pm] purejustin: which probably isn’t easy mind you
[5:13pm] Bluz: hey androu
[5:13pm] Bluz: how do i make a fire trail?
[5:13pm] Androu1: Snake > everything else
[5:13pm] BP: It’s a matter of replacing the model, which is sort of possible
[5:13pm] Bluz: mine just lasts 2 seconds
[5:13pm] Bluz: >:U
[5:13pm] Androu1: Bluz, you don’t! >:U
[5:13pm] Bluz: oh u >:U
[5:14pm] myuutSuu: You’d have to put all the model data back into the game somehow…
[5:14pm] Androu1: Anyway
[5:14pm] PZT: I see model hacking being done in the next 6 months.
[5:14pm] myuutSuu: That’s the point we’re stuck at
[5:14pm] FurCatLeon: Justin, I dont really know too much about this
[5:14pm] Androu1: Just the part of “learn 3ds max” sounds time consuming
[5:14pm] FurCatLeon: so im going for another milkshake
[5:14pm] PZT: Count on it.
[5:14pm] BP: If you put a PCS on the wrong character, you get the model in the PCS on the character you put him on, a moveset swap
[5:14pm] BP: Most crash the game
[5:14pm] purejustin: hehe, yeah, i guess ‘just learn 3ds max’ is big in and of itself
[5:14pm] BP: You can put Wario on Marth with glitchiness, but it works
[5:14pm] Androu1: Rink (ROB + Link) is epic
[5:14pm] PZT: And it freezes.
[5:15pm] Phreeq_Q: well instead of learning it, we could get models of other characters and such from other games
[5:15pm] Androu1: Rink has an arm comming out of his dick
[5:15pm] BP: I have this thing: http://moonside.kontek.net/photos/holything.JPG
[5:15pm] PZT: One of what would probably be the most awesome moveset swap would be Snake – Falcon and vice-versa.
[5:15pm] PZT: But no, it freezes.
[5:15pm] Androu1: Phreeq, it doesn’t work like that
[5:15pm] PZT: Because the game can’t handle that much awesome.
[5:15pm] Androu1: The models would still need a lot of editing to work well
[5:15pm] Phreeq_Q: no?
[5:15pm] Phreeq_Q: oh
[5:15pm] Phreeq_Q: dang
[5:15pm] Androu1: I bet, atleast
[5:15pm] BP: Probably
[5:16pm] Androu1: And no PZT
[5:16pm] Androu1: That moveset swap sucks
[5:16pm] BP: I bet editing a model would be less problematic than just replacing it
[5:16pm] purejustin: do you think people would come up with some cool characters or just more Shadows
[5:16pm] Androu1: Give Diddy moves to Ganon
[5:16pm] PZT: BP, this is just me but I think you’ll shine in the video game mar-
[5:16pm] • PZT is murdered
[5:16pm] Androu1: Shadows
[5:16pm] purejustin: heh, always more shadows
[5:16pm] PZT: I think cool characters are likely.
[5:16pm] Phreeq_Q: Grab the tips of sonics quills and drag them up
[5:16pm] BP: Uh-huhhh…
[5:16pm] PZT: At least from us.
[5:16pm] CaptainJim: We’d get Shadows
[5:16pm] Androu1: There’s never enough Shadows
[5:16pm] CaptainJim: And…Shadows.
[5:16pm] CaptainJim: And Narutos.
[5:16pm] CaptainJim: And Shadows.
[5:17pm] PZT: Ideas we have are Pipo Snake from Mesal Gear Solid, Mewtwo, and Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei
[5:17pm] BP: I think hundreds of Cloud Strifes and Sora Crosses are likely from everybody else
[5:17pm] FurCatLeon: What about Tetris block?
[5:17pm] Androu1: Wrong PZT, Jack Frost AND Raiho
[5:17pm] PZT: Yeah.
[5:17pm] Androu1: To replace Ice Climbers
[5:17pm] Androu1:
[5:17pm] BP: NO
[5:17pm] PZT: Pipo Snake is just obvious.
[5:17pm] Phreeq_Q: I second Tetris Block
[5:17pm] PZT: Mesal Gear Solid is freaking awesome.
[5:17pm] Androu1: With moveset hacking, Jack Frost + Raiho could freeze everything like the wonderful bastards they are
[5:18pm] FurCatLeon: I would like to see a full proper Roy return
[5:18pm] myuutSuu: Same
[5:18pm] Androu1: Yeah, Marth sucks
[5:18pm] FurCatLeon: Jack Frost = SUPER AWESOME
[5:18pm] Androu1: Roy FTW
[5:18pm] CaptainJim: I don’t see why people love Roy so much
[5:18pm] FurCatLeon: I like Marth and Roy
[5:18pm] RoyPh123X: somebody say my name
[5:18pm] RoyPh123X:
[5:18pm] Androu1: Because he has fire
[5:18pm] PZT: More questions?
[5:18pm] CaptainJim: Did they play FE6
[5:18pm] Androu1: Marth has NOTHING
[5:18pm] RoyPh123X: I played FE6
[5:18pm] Androu1: Marth just swings a sword around like a faggot
[5:18pm] purejustin: if you guys get model hacking going, Crono would be a pretty cool character
[5:18pm] Androu1: Roy swings it like a faggot and creates fire at the same time!
[5:19pm] myuutSuu: LOL, Andr1
[5:19pm] purejustin: they already have a 3D version for that fan-made sequel a while back
[5:19pm] • FurCatLeon leaves before he kills himself and Justin
[5:19pm] Bluz: DAMN ANDROU >:U
[5:19pm] Bluz: tell me how to put a fire trail
[5:19pm] Androu1: Bluz
[5:19pm] Androu1: In the GFX for run
[5:19pm] Androu1: Replace any graphics with 03
[5:19pm] Androu1: Done
[5:19pm] Androu1: That’s what I did for Sonic, atleast
[5:19pm] FurCatLeon: sorry, I’m just VERY anti-Chrono Trigger
[5:19pm] Bluz: k
[5:20pm] FurCatLeon: and Kingdom Hearts
[5:20pm] FurCatLeon: …..
[5:20pm] BP: Ask the best questions now Pure Justice
[5:20pm] Androu1: I like Kingdom Hearts’ gameplay
[5:20pm] BP: I’m-a have ta go soon
[5:20pm] purejustin: ah, bummer leon, sorry to mention crono
[5:20pm] Androu1: I just love button smashing with RPG elements, brudda
[5:20pm] FurCatLeon: Androu, would you like Beldr playable?
[5:20pm] Androu1: Beldr for Brawl?
[5:21pm] PZT: PRESS X TO WIN
[5:21pm] FurCatLeon: no worries, I’m sorry, its just, I dont see what all the hype surrounding it is
[5:21pm] CaptainJim left the chat room. (Quit: One small step for Java, one giant leap for IRC.)
[5:21pm] Androu1: Beldr would be awesome for Brawl
[5:21pm] BP: Like me when it comes to KH
[5:21pm] BP: What’s so great about it
[5:21pm] Androu1: he would be heavy and shit and with one press of A he would cause a HUGE EXPLOSION
[5:21pm] FurCatLeon: its a largly over-rated series in my eyes
[5:21pm] purejustin: yeah, i’m not a big KH fan
[5:21pm] FurCatLeon: whoa, me and BP agree on something
[5:21pm] Androu1: I like KH’s gameplay
[5:22pm] Androu1: I like button smashing with RPG-ish shit thrown in
[5:22pm] PZT: BUT IT HAS SPIKY HAIR!1eleventy
[5:22pm] FurCatLeon: Justin, would you like to see this guy in BRAWL?
[5:22pm] Androu1: Like…mmmmmm…Dynasty Warriors series
[5:22pm] PZT: I think the idea of blending RPGs with any other genre is quite retarded. But that’s just me.
[5:22pm] Androu1: Nothing better than killing 1000 peoples in half an hour
[5:22pm] FurCatLeon: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/3/33/Beldel.png
[5:23pm] Androu1: METAL NIPPLES
[5:23pm] PZT: Super Paper Mario jaded me.
[5:23pm] FurCatLeon: and Bondage Chains
[5:23pm] BP: the PM series and M&L series mix RPG with action/adventure
[5:23pm] Androu1: And the PM series is fucking great
[5:23pm] BP: And it’s delicious
[5:23pm] PZT: No, they are more like straight up RPGs.
[5:23pm] PZT: Kinda.
[5:23pm] Androu1: They are not
[5:23pm] PZT: Super Paper Mario is AWFUL.
[5:23pm] purejustin: yeah, he’s pretty cool
[5:23pm] BP: No they’re not really at all
[5:23pm] BP: SPM rocks
[5:23pm] PZT: The other 2 PM games are classics.
[5:23pm] FurCatLeon: M&L SuperStar Saga made me cry with joy
[5:23pm] purejustin: from the devil survivor series?
[5:23pm] PZT: Especially the first.
[5:24pm] BP: It’s not an RPG
[5:24pm] PZT: SPM doesn’t rock.
[5:24pm] PZT: Go away. >:U
[5:24pm] Androu1: Justin, Devil Survivor is not a series. It’s a a spin off of the Shin Megami Tensei series.
[5:24pm] BP: Yeah does.
[5:24pm] myuutSuu: quesiton Next by chance purejustin ?
[5:24pm] PZT: No, no it doesn’t
[5:24pm] Androu1: quesiton
[5:24pm] Androu1: I lol’d
[5:24pm] BP: Mmmhmmm.
[5:24pm] purejustin: gotcha
[5:24pm] purejustin: ok, next question
[5:24pm] FurCatLeon: I played Paper Mario and wasn’t frilled by it
[5:24pm] FurCatLeon: its just “OK”
[5:24pm] Androu1: Paper Mario 2 was awesome
[5:24pm] BP: PM:TTYD is the best one
[5:25pm] FurCatLeon: havent played it yet
[5:25pm] myuutSuu: (PM is ok… PM2 is AWESOME)
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: No it’s not
[5:25pm] BP: Do it.
[5:25pm] BP: Yeah is.
[5:25pm] PZT: PM is awesome, PM2 is ok.
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: Thousand Year Door is garbage cause I actually got myself stuck
[5:25pm] Androu1: I didn’t like SPM at all, tho. And I gave it a lot of chances
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: With no way to win
[5:25pm] FurCatLeon: SPM is alright, but very tedious and very dull at points
[5:25pm] BP: (We do this all the time)
[5:25pm] Androu1: LMAO W7, uber fail
[5:25pm] BP: (It sucks)
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: The final boss has 2 or three forms
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: The game let me save after beating the first
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: Which took me like 20 tried
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: Since I guess I wasn’t strong enough
[5:25pm] Androu1: tried
[5:25pm] Warchamp7: Any attack I tried on the next form did either 0 or 1 damage
[5:26pm] BP: TTYD is supra-easy for me now
[5:26pm] Warchamp7: I couldn’t go level up either
[5:26pm] PZT: The second chapter of SPM proves Intelligent Systems is trying to make their fans suffer as much as possible.
[5:26pm] FurCatLeon: Justin, have you played Devil’s Survivor?
[5:26pm] Warchamp7: Since I saved after the first form
[5:26pm] Androu1: Rule to winning in RPGs: before the final boss, grind till you’re maxed out
[5:26pm] BP: I beat the Pit of 100 Trials as a side-quest in Chapter 7 now
[5:26pm] purejustin: i haven’t played it, no
[5:26pm] FurCatLeon:
[5:26pm] PZT: Next question?
[5:26pm] Androu1: For readers: if you haven’t played an Shin Megami Tensei game yet, GTFO and do it RIGHT NOW.
[5:26pm] purejustin: i’ve been enjoying TWEWY though
[5:27pm] BP: For readers: Yo!
[5:27pm] FurCatLeon:
[5:27pm] FurCatLeon: TWEWY is in my top 10 Ds games
[5:27pm] PZT: TWEWY is a retarded acronym.
[5:27pm] purejustin: yeah, it’s been great so far
[5:27pm] PZT: This is fact.
[5:27pm] purejustin: yeah, sorry
[5:27pm] FurCatLeon: another I’d suggest (completely different) is Rhythmn Heaven?Paradise/Tengoku
[5:27pm] BP: Question next!!!!
[5:27pm] PZT: Tee woo wee
[5:27pm] BP: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
[5:28pm] Androu1: ded
[5:28pm] Androu1: ded
[5:28pm] Androu1: you all ded
[5:29pm] myuutSuu: No, just eating
[5:29pm] BP: I have to go soon!
[5:29pm] Androu1: you ded s
[5:29pm] Androu1: you ded
[5:29pm] PZT: QUES
[5:29pm] Androu1: deeeeeeeed
[5:29pm] PZT: TEEYUN
[5:29pm] Androu1: in
[5:29pm] Androu1: deed
[5:29pm] BP: Ask whatever
[5:29pm] Androu1: You could ask something unrelated to Brawl
[5:29pm] FurCatLeon: Can I make a question?
[5:29pm] Androu1: Just to make time
[5:29pm] BP: My favorite colors are orange and blue
[5:29pm] purejustin: yes, fur, please
[5:30pm] myuutSuu: “The team now asks themselves questions!”
[5:30pm] BP: My favorite food is ravioli or burgers!
[5:30pm] purejustin: heh
[5:30pm] Androu1: <@myuutSuu> “The team now asks themselves questions!” <— epic winz
[5:30pm] PZT: I believe we’ve just went full circly.
[5:30pm] FurCatLeon: 13 – Would you folks ever consider just disbanding?
[5:30pm] PZT: *circle.
[5:30pm] PZT: Lol. Circly.
[5:30pm] BP: Nah
[5:30pm] Warchamp7: “If you guys could ask yourselves a question, what would it be”
[5:30pm] Androu1: lmao circly
[5:30pm] PZT: No, this is awesome Leon.
[5:30pm] PZT: Not gonna let that happen.
[5:30pm] FurCatLeon: I’d consider leaving, again
[5:30pm] BP: We could all go solo with how easy it is
[5:30pm] Androu1: You ain’t leaving until you make Tatsuya, Leon >:U
[5:31pm] FurCatLeon: ^what he said
[5:31pm] Androu1: (pl0x0r)
[5:31pm] PZT: Even if every single one of you leave I will reform the team with new people.
[5:31pm] BP: But why
[5:31pm] Warchamp7: People like eggboy
[5:31pm] FurCatLeon: Hey guys, we should leave right now and leave PZT to it
[5:31pm] PZT: No u
[5:31pm] BP: No one would see anything I ever made, ever
[5:31pm] FurCatLeon: :3
[5:31pm] myuutSuu: lol
[5:31pm] Androu1: Naw BP
[5:31pm] Androu1: Your stuff is too good
[5:31pm] Androu1: To miss it
[5:31pm] FurCatLeon: BP makes some of the best shizz
[5:31pm] purejustin: 14. How do you guys hook up to play mutliplayer with each other’s hacks? Or can you just download them and use them locally?
[5:32pm] FurCatLeon: We dont
[5:32pm] FurCatLeon: simply put
[5:32pm] BP: I do, sorta
[5:32pm] PZT: What Leon said.
[5:32pm] FurCatLeon: I dont like playing with these folks
[5:32pm] FurCatLeon: they’re mean enough to me as it is
[5:32pm] BP: Captain Jim is a best friend of mine in real life
[5:32pm] FurCatLeon:
[5:32pm] PZT: If you use a hack on Wifi then it only shows up for the user.
[5:32pm] BP: So we play Brawl+ with texture hacks in real time
[5:33pm] PZT: Playing Brawl+ online says to Nintendo HAY GUIZ BAN ME FROM WIFI
[5:33pm] Androu1: Leon, it’s cuz you ain’t made Tatsuya
[5:33pm] PZT: And paints a giant target on your chest.
[5:33pm] purejustin: gotcha, so Nintendo monitors the wifi quite a bit?
[5:33pm] FurCatLeon: yup
[5:33pm] BP: My Internet situation banned me from Wi-Fi with its suckiness!
[5:33pm] Androu1: They care about it whenever they feel like it
[5:33pm] PZT: No evidence has ever been seen of monitoring, but I’d say you need to be safe with these kind of things.
[5:33pm] myuutSuu: Yeah
[5:33pm] PZT: Better safe then sorry.
[5:33pm] purejustin: right
[5:34pm] FurCatLeon: I’d like to play Mario Kart Wii with folks, but nobody seems to like it >_>
[5:34pm] PZT: Texture hacks however are undetectable.
[5:34pm] BP: Don’t loads of people play Brawl+ online?
[5:34pm] FurCatLeon: well, around here
[5:34pm] BP: Mario Kart Wii is fun with five players online
[5:34pm] BP: since the lag kills most items
[5:34pm] PZT: And I’ve seen quite a few guys on Wifi random who chose the Wifi training stage and stuff.
[5:34pm] Androu1: Mario Kart Wii is fun with blue shells off
[5:34pm] BP: But I can’t play it anymore
[5:34pm] PZT: Those guys are awesome, but Sandbags keep spawning in the center. It’s annoying.
[5:34pm] BP: I could on our old ISP, just barely
[5:35pm] PZT: Like, constantly they spawn.
[5:35pm] PZT: One after the other.
[5:35pm] purejustin: heh, yeah, i ran into something like that in mario kart wii
[5:35pm] PZT: Not like how it is when you’re waiting to hook up on people for Wifi.
[5:35pm] PZT: They just keep falling until the stage is filled with Sandbags.
[5:35pm] purejustin: some guy could get any item he wanted
[5:35pm] purejustin: even at the beginning of the race
[5:35pm] Androu1: That sounds epic, PZT
[5:35pm] purejustin: i got hit by 4 blue shells in a row
[5:35pm] BP: I use cheats for different purposes
[5:35pm] myuutSuu: >_>
[5:35pm] FurCatLeon: I hate online cheaters
[5:35pm] PZT: That guy should have like spawned an item in an empty slot
[5:35pm] PZT: And froze everything.
[5:36pm] purejustin: heh
[5:36pm] BP: Floating around Ocarina of time for advanced exploration of stuff I’m not supposed to see
[5:36pm] PZT: You can’t use an item that doesn’t exist.
[5:36pm] BP: Playing as Skeletal Mario in Galaxy
[5:36pm] Androu1: I played TP with hacks
[5:36pm] BP: I’d love a code that removed Blue shells from Mario Kart but I haven’t found one yet
[5:36pm] Androu1: It was awesome to just fly around like a retard
[5:36pm] Androu1: Much better than the actual game
[5:37pm] FurCatLeon: Super Hook-Shot = AWESOME
[5:37pm] PZT: MK64 is still the best Mario Kart game.
[5:37pm] PZT: MKWii is a lot more broken, really.
[5:37pm] FurCatLeon: Nah, I personally like MK:Wii the best
[5:37pm] BP: There’s nothing interesting for Punch-Out!!. The boring “infinite health,” “infinite star punches,” etc.
[5:37pm] FurCatLeon: except for 1 reason
[5:37pm] PZT: MK64 is like a perfect balance of broken-ness.
[5:37pm] BP: Double Dash!! is my favorite
[5:37pm] FurCatLeon: Petey Piranha
[5:37pm] FurCatLeon: >:C WHERE IS PETEY PIRANHA
[5:37pm] Androu1: The best Mario Kart is Mario Kart Dun Exits
[5:37pm] BP: In Hell, I hope
[5:37pm] FurCatLeon: I loves that guy!
[5:37pm] PZT: BP, probably the best thing I could see for Punch-Out would possibly be a code to play as Mac’s 2P palette swap in single player modes.
[5:37pm] myuutSuu: They need to fix King Boo, too
[5:38pm] PZT: Unless that already exists as a feature ingame.
[5:38pm] BP: Nah, it doesn’t
[5:38pm] Androu1: Man I haven’t got PO!!
[5:38pm] PZT: And maybe a code that swaps movesets.
[5:38pm] BP: Get it
[5:38pm] BP: It’s too good
[5:38pm] PZT: Imagine Super Macho Man doing Glass Joe moves.
[5:38pm] purejustin: 15. Have you guys ever considered making your own game? Not one in brawl, but reverse engineering a putting together a game for the homebrew community?
[5:38pm] PZT: Nope, never thought of it.
[5:39pm] BP: I want to be a real game artist
[5:39pm] BP: Like, for real
[5:39pm] Androu1: No but I’m thinking of making an RPG in flash…does that count?
[5:39pm] purejustin: yeah, that counts, absolutely
[5:39pm] purejustin: it sounds like you guys have a lot of the knowledge and talent for it
[5:39pm] FurCatLeon: I really wish I could Justin, but I suck ballz as it is
[5:39pm] BP: Captain Jim is an idea man
[5:39pm] Androu1: It’s an RPG with a nice twist
[5:39pm] BP: We come up with crazy stuff
[5:39pm] Androu1: But it’s seekrit!
[5:40pm] BP: Like Magic vs. Science
[5:40pm] FurCatLeon: I’d make “Leon’s Game”
[5:40pm] Androu1: No Leon
[5:40pm] FurCatLeon: the slogan would be “Better than Bob’s Game”
[5:40pm] Androu1: It would be “leon’s game”
[5:40pm] Androu1: No caps
[5:40pm] BP: I’m not buying any “X’s Game” ever
[5:40pm] FurCatLeon: >:C
[5:40pm] BP: Come up with something cool
[5:40pm] PZT: Like back when we were like really small as a team
[5:40pm] FurCatLeon: not even if I made a game BP?
[5:40pm] PZT: Just me Androu and Phreeq
[5:40pm] BP: Come up with something cool
[5:40pm] PZT: We were gonna make like an SS platformer in Flash.
[5:41pm] purejustin: that would be pretty sweet
[5:41pm] FurCatLeon: what if it involved riding Dinosaurs eating Nazi’s and using lasers to blow the goverment up?
[5:41pm] PZT: Where you could play as us 3, and fight against the Palette King and the Dark Lord of Palettes’ army.
[5:41pm] BP: Okay I’ve got to go for realz
[5:41pm] Androu1: It was a mixed-the-fuck-up gender game
[5:41pm] PZT: It never materialized.
[5:41pm] Androu1: Side scroller, platformer and RPG
[5:41pm] FurCatLeon: see you BP
[5:41pm] purejustin: ok, see ya BP
[5:41pm] Androu1: It’s not my fault that I’m lazy as fuck, PZT!
[5:41pm] BP: Thanks for conveniently having this thing right after I ate breakfast!
[5:41pm] Androu1: And see ya BP
[5:41pm] BP: Seeeeeeeeeee ya
[5:41pm] BP: BP Out
[5:41pm] purejustin: heh
[5:41pm] purejustin: cya
[5:42pm] PZT: Can I ask a question to us?
[5:42pm] FurCatLeon: would you buy my game Justin? :3
[5:42pm] Luigalaxy joined the chat room.
[5:42pm] PZT:
[5:42pm] purejustin: i would buy it
[5:42pm] Luigalaxy left the chat room.
[5:42pm] FurCatLeon:
[5:42pm] purejustin: yes pzt!
[5:42pm] PZT: It’s interview time.
[5:42pm] PZT: Ok.
[5:42pm] Androu1: Noone would buy “furcat’s game” except for furries
[5:42pm] FurCatLeon: lots of celebrity cameos, in which you could KILL >:C
[5:42pm] PZT: Whatever number this is: How do you at SS feel about the newly formed merger of Meowmix and Kitty Corp?
[5:42pm] PZT: Well that’s a good question, PZT.
[5:42pm] FurCatLeon: I’d put chris Crocker in just for the “beat your opponent with a rusty spade challenge”
[5:43pm] myuutSuu: Fitting
[5:43pm] Androu1: KittyCrap: MaricaMix
[5:43pm] • Androu1 runs
[5:43pm] myuutSuu: Cat mixes, sounds pretty good
[5:43pm] Androu1: KittyCrap
[5:43pm] FurCatLeon: Meh, I never ASSociated with them anyway, so I dont really care
[5:43pm] PZT: Well, I personally feel that KC was hanging on a thread of life.
[5:43pm] PZT: After Teady left.
[5:43pm] Androu1: KittyCrap has been KittyCrap since ever Teady got PMS
[5:44pm] FurCatLeon: Geez, you all sound like proper Womanizers
[5:44pm] purejustin: are these other brawl texture guys?
[5:44pm] Androu1: She was an hypocrite and an asshole
[5:44pm] PZT: Warchamp is the biggest womanizer.
[5:44pm] PZT: This is fact.
[5:44pm] FurCatLeon: I’m well aware
[5:44pm] Androu1: Warchamp is the biggest faggot
[5:44pm] • Androu1 runs
[5:44pm] PZT: Yeah, KCMM is probably our biggest competitor now.
[5:44pm] FurCatLeon: LOL
[5:44pm] PZT: Still not as big as us though.
[5:44pm] FurCatLeon: Competition?
[5:45pm] FurCatLeon: I dont like boasting, but to be honest
[5:45pm] FurCatLeon: our team has grown so much we could update 3 times and day and sail smoothly for a year
[5:45pm] Androu1: IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE READERS: http://stacksmash.cultnet.net/communitycostumes/123forum/phpBB3/
[5:45pm] Androu1: (It had to be done)
[5:46pm] PZT: Ya know what?
[5:46pm] PZT: After this chat, I’m gonna create drafts.
[5:46pm] PZT: Lots of them.
[5:46pm] FurCatLeon: why?
[5:46pm] PZT: Because I feel like it.
[5:46pm] Androu1: And I’m gonna play SMT:I
[5:46pm] Androu1: And farm cans
[5:46pm] Androu1: Lots of them.
[5:46pm] Androu1: Hey Leon you should play SMT:I
[5:46pm] FurCatLeon: I’m gonna go to bed because I’ve been pestered to go to bed for like 20 minutes now
[5:46pm] PZT: Shin Megami Tensei: Intercourse
[5:46pm] PZT:
[5:47pm] Androu1: Imagine: Shin Megami Tensei
[5:47pm] PZT: Imagine: Cooking Babies
[5:47pm] FurCatLeon: Maybe another time Androu
[5:47pm] FurCatLeon: remind me tomorrow or something
[5:47pm] Androu1: You probably wouldn’t like it as much as me, tho
[5:47pm] FurCatLeon: May’s been poking me for 20 minutes
[5:47pm] Androu1: But see ya, furbro
[5:47pm] Androu1: To go to “sleep”?
[5:47pm] FurCatLeon: Shhh
[5:47pm] FurCatLeon: >:C
[5:48pm] FurCatLeon: I dont need the whole internet know now do I?
[5:48pm] Androu1: You do
[5:48pm] FurCatLeon: >:C
[5:48pm] purejustin: alright guys, any other comments or things to add?
[5:48pm] Androu1: Shin Megami Tensei FTW
[5:48pm] FurCatLeon: thank you for interviewing us?
[5:48pm] PZT: Goodnight, and good luck.
[5:48pm] FurCatLeon: and also
[5:48pm] PZT: *throws a piece of paper at the screen*
[5:48pm] purejustin: heh, no problem, thanks for having me again
[5:49pm] Androu1: Today
[5:49pm] PZT: I’d love to do Round 3.
[5:49pm] Androu1: I had Justin for dinner
[5:49pm] FurCatLeon: I’d just like to give a big shoutout to Miyamoto, because I KNOW
[5:49pm] FurCatLeon: he goes on Nintendo Blogs and reads them >:C
[5:49pm] Androu1: Don’t worry Justin
[5:49pm] PZT: Are you gonna provide the raw interview?
[5:49pm] purejustin: absolutely
[5:49pm] Androu1: The more random rambling there is, the more it’s like the real everyday convos
[5:49pm] FurCatLeon: I imagine you’d “abridge” it again
[5:49pm] PZT: Cool.
[5:50pm] Androu1: Because we totally don’t have random rambling in here
[5:50pm] purejustin: i’ll probably abridge it as well just for the post and but i’ll include the full one like last time
[5:50pm] FurCatLeon: :3
[5:50pm] FurCatLeon: Awesome
[5:50pm] FurCatLeon: how many views did it get last time?
[5:50pm] PZT: Yeah.
[5:50pm] purejustin: it’s been fun guys! and i’ll check out Shin Megami Tensei
[5:50pm] PZT: That’s what I’m wondering.
[5:50pm] PZT: What Leon said.
[5:50pm] FurCatLeon: Get Devil Survivor, the ending are epic
[5:50pm] PZT: Check out Persona as well, Justin.
[5:50pm] FurCatLeon: :3
[5:51pm] PZT: All 5 of them.
[5:51pm] Androu1: Persona 4!
[5:51pm] FurCatLeon: Xd
[5:51pm] PZT: Wait, 6.
[5:51pm] PZT: If you count P3 FES
[5:51pm] Androu1: 6?
[5:51pm] Androu1: Oh
[5:51pm] Androu1: Why would anyone count P3?
[5:51pm] purejustin: sweet, i will! let me check the stats real quick
[5:51pm] Androu1: And not just P3FES?
[5:51pm] • FurCatLeon is all giddy
[5:51pm] Androu1: Also, Persona (PSX) is awesome
[5:51pm] FurCatLeon: SMT:Nocturne/Lucifer’s Call is a good game
[5:51pm] Androu1: Loads of engrish and stuff
[5:51pm] PZT: They made a PSP port of the first.
[5:51pm] Androu1: Like “your stupid”
[5:52pm] Androu1: And “martearial” instead of material
[5:52pm] PZT: Yeah. P1PSX is full of narmy moments.
[5:52pm] Androu1: It’s fucking hilarious, man
[5:52pm] Androu1: It’s such a mess
[5:52pm] FurCatLeon: hey androu, did you notice some of the bits in Devil Survivor arent translatated and are still in Kanji?
[5:52pm] PZT: Wow, I knew Androu couldn’t go through an interview without swearing like a sailor.
[5:52pm] PZT: It was to be expected.
[5:52pm] Androu1: lawl
[5:52pm] Androu1: What parts Leon?
[5:52pm] PZT: And you did so good through the rest too.
[5:53pm] Androu1: I haven’t played much of Devil Survivor since I don’t like it much
[5:53pm] FurCatLeon: I dont remember, but I’ve found about 5 bits
[5:53pm] Androu1: I mean, WTF? “Jack Frost used Maragidyne!”
[5:53pm] FurCatLeon: I told an ATLUS USA member
[5:53pm] PZT: There was even a spinoff of SMT
[5:53pm] PZT: That was like a complete Pokemon ripoff.
[5:53pm] purejustin: ok, there were 960 unique visits to the last interview
[5:53pm] PZT: MagiKids or something.
[5:53pm] FurCatLeon: My Jack Frost is Level 99 knows Prayer, Medigoloan and Maragidyne >:C
[5:53pm] Androu1: Devil Children for GBA too
[5:53pm] purejustin: and 2,036 views altogether
[5:53pm] Androu1: And it SUCKS
[5:54pm] Androu1: Dude
[5:54pm] Androu1: WTF?
[5:54pm] FurCatLeon: yay!!
[5:54pm] Androu1: A Jack Frost with no ice skills?
[5:54pm] Androu1: I can’t say much
[5:54pm] FurCatLeon: also, I’ve done 4/5 paths Androu
[5:54pm] PZT: None of you guys commented on the last one.
[5:54pm] purejustin: alright, i’ll feature it again and try and get more people to comment and check it out
[5:54pm] Androu1: My King Frost has 3 different material magics
[5:54pm] FurCatLeon: Naoya/Kaido, gin/Haru, Atsuro, and Yuzu
[5:54pm] Androu1: I haven’t played it much
[5:55pm] Androu1: Haven’t even done 1
[5:55pm] PZT: Don’t be a fool, stay in school!
[5:55pm] FurCatLeon: all I gotta do now is amane (which I REALLY dont want to)
[5:55pm] Androu1: BTW, Yuzu’s tits are too big
[5:55pm] PZT: Bye Justin.
[5:56pm] FurCatLeon: they classed Izuna as important
[5:56pm] purejustin: see ya
[5:56pm] purejustin: thanks guys!
[5:56pm] purejustin: ttyl
[5:56pm] FurCatLeon: See you
[5:56pm] FurCatLeon: Androu Izuna = important
[5:56pm] Androu1: Izuna?
[5:56pm] PZT: The unemployed ninja?
[5:56pm] FurCatLeon: Honda and Shojki = unimportant??