Do you have any fear that continuing with two ratings systems has the potential to confuse parents?

No – because I’ve made some changes to the statutory bits, but also to the consumer-facing element. That’s the bit that stops parents making the right decision at the moment. As far as I’m concerned, the two classification systems working together up until now has been brilliant and the relationship between the BBFC and PEGI is great. I could see it when I was working with both organisations.

But I felt really concerned by the fact the Review had brought up the classification system so early. It literally fell into my lap within days. I wanted the process to happen in a way that didn’t cause problems for these two organisations. I know there had been a collaborative relationship that has worked well, but that’s not all I was hearing – particularly from some parts of industry. I was lobbied very strongly from some parts of the industry for PEGI, but I can tell you that other sectors felt very strongly for the BBFC.

To set the record straight: what exactly will be changing when it comes to age ratings?

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