O.G.: What game first captured your interest and how old were you at the time?

Jo: When I was seven or eight, I remember playing “Megaman” with my dad.

O.G.: Aside from video games, what else do you do for fun?

Jo: I love watching movies, solving puzzle books, learning new sports such as golf and skiing, driving, and reading. I also love gadgets and learning new electronics.

O.G.: You’ve said the final fantasy series is a favorite of yours. What was your first FF game and what drew you to the game? And what is your favorite FF game of all time?

Jo: My first “Final Fantasy” game was 7. The storylines in the Final Fantasy series always have captivated me, and I absolutely love the movies and music. I am drawn to the series by the romance and action, as well as the characters, because by the end of the game I feel like I am one of them. As for my favorite FF game of all time, a lot of people loved “Advent” as did I, but I also loved the love story in FF 10 and FF 10-2 and I absolutely love FF 12, so it’s difficult to choose. They were all great. I find myself going back to the old ones because there is so much to explore.

O.G.: Which do you enjoy the most – the access to the gaming industry and exposure to the designers and new games, or touring and exposure to the public as the 2008 Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year?

Jo: I enjoy both — they go hand-in-hand. I am Playboy.com’s “Gamer Next Door” and, with that, I get to be myself and also their representative for Playboy “Cyber Girl of the Year” 2008. It’s an opportunity that benefits everyone; I get to learn more about an industry I love — gaming — and mix that with a business that makes me feel empowered and sexy.

O.G.: What’s your current back log of games?

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