IGN Wii: Sum up for us what MySims is all about.

Tim: MySims is a brand new version of The Sims made exclusively and specifically for Wii and DS. It has a completely different look — doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before. It really looks like something that was made for Nintendo. The game really involves building an entire town, so as a player you get to build an entire town including the furniture. You still have all the classic Sims creativity, but it really has a different feel. It feels like it was made specifically for the console. We hope we’re offering the most immersive creative experience yet on a console.

IGN Wii: Who is making the game and when did production start on the project?

Tim: It’s being made by The Sims division in Redwood City at the headquarters of Electronic Arts and we started working on it last year about February.

IGN Wii: So are you planning to use Nintendo’s Miis in MySims?

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 Source: IGN