Introducing to you the man behind CID!

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, UK Thurs 15th Jan 2009

The Professor is a good man at heart but seems to work way too hard for his own good, he almost seems obsessive… He’s a bit of a worrier – always checking and double-checking everything, and constantly worried about his own health. In the old days, he was a bit of a bon vivant, and elements of that seep through in the way he is now. But what has caused him to change so much? Is there a terrible secret in his past? Why does D-Troit hate him so much?

The Professor is very intelligent; you don’t get to where the Professor is through luck alone. He’s a smart man, but increasingly old and doddery. He tends to forget where he puts things, and probably doesn’t have too many of his own teeth anymore. The professor is also a bit of a worrier and hypochondriac. Not all the time, just when he’s at work, or stressed. It wasn’t always like this, back in the old days, there wouldn’t be a fashionable dinner party in town that the Professor wasn’t invited to. He loved the finer things in life, but some terrible event in his life seems to have changed him.