Red Panda Interactive and Fishing Cactus have announced that their action-puzzle game Shift Quantum is heading to the Nintendo Switch in spring 2018.

In Shift Quantum, players will be able to change their world, twisting the environment to reveal secrets to help solve each level.

The game’s story involves the mysterious entity known as Axon Vertigo, the world’s leading authority in programming people’s brains to make them happy, promising a better quality of life for everyone. Connected to the Shift Quantum program, people will be enjoying a thoroughly entertaining and relaxing experience, while Axon Vertigo analyzes the activity of their brain to understand its functioning.

Shift Quantum promises a unique cyber-noir, action-puzzle, platforming experience. Using a gameplay technique known as Shifting, players can create negative space by inverting the world and transforming barriers into escape routes. It’s styled in black and white, which serves to further show off the negative space concept.

Are you intrigued by the sound of this game? Check out the story trailer below and let us know your thoughts on Shift Quantum.