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‘we scaled back because it’s how things look now and we want to reflect accurately so as to not defraud investors or shock the market at the end of the financial year’

‘Our relationships with 3rd parties are improving, and you’ll see results in the medium-term’

‘Wii was scaled back because the hardware bump was less than expected for year end in Japan. We’re going to try hard to impress the market better this year. Wii Music wasn’t a mistake but we had many communications issues, which have better prepared us for the future. We’re always going to try new propositions, and we’ll try hard to make another one like the launch of Wii, brain training, and animal crossing DS’.

‘Obviously with the current state of the exchange rates, there is no chance we can release DSi for the same cost as current DS Lite in foreign countries. We’re doing customer research before announcing’.

‘Not adjusting manufacture of wiis down and no huge stockpile. they were all shipped abroad’

‘Wii system update, featuring for example the SD Card fix, is coming in Spring as suggested at the conference last year.’