Harmonix, developers behind the successful Rock Band series of games, are gearing up for the release of the latest iteration, Rock Band 4. Whilst currently only listed as coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, there’s been some Twitter activity regarding a possible Wii U release.

It seems that Harmonix are interested in fans’ thoughts on features for the new game via an online survey. Fans have responded with queries related to the Wii U, to which Harmonix replied that they have not ruled anything out “just yet”.

This comes as a surprise considering the developers spoke about the reasons behind their lack of Wii U support just last month. Despite the slim chance of this happening, it could mean potentially good news for Rock Band fans holding out for a Wii U version. The more of us who let developers know we want their content on Nintendo’s platforms, the more likely it is that said games will appear.

Check out the tweet below for more details and head to the survey. It’s short – about five minutes long – and if you feel like weighing in on the console decision by specifically mentioning Wii U, on page four you have to answer “I do not currently intend to purchase Rock Band 4” to the question “For which current-gen platform do you intend to purchase Rock Band 4?”. The next question asks why you do not intend to purchase the game, and one option is because you prefer the Wii U. There’s no free text field, so you have to do it this way.

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