Monday 14th September/… Italy has been announced as ultimate victor of the Guitar Hero 5 ’Jump In Jump Out’ Challenge, cementing a new world record for the largest number of participants to play in a single Guitar Hero session over a 24-hour period. 594 people turned up at the Italian event, to be part of the record-setting activity, celebrating the European release of Guitar Hero 5.

The Italian event took place in the FNAC store in Verona and saw fans from around the country come together to help smash the record over the 24 hour period.

Italy saw off competition from the rest of Europe with simultaneous attempts taking place, from Paris to Stockholm, all vying for the title of Guitar Hero 5 ’Jump In Jump Out’ champion, creating a wave of Guitar Hero fever across the continent. Consumers of all ages jammed out on Guitar Hero 5’s new and unique Party Play Mode, which allows players to jump in or drop out, or switch difficulty level at any time without interrupting the session.

“This new record is an awesome accomplishment and will be a tough one to surpass” commented Gaz Deaves, Video Games Records Manager at Guinness World Records “The sheer scale of participation in the jam session is a true testament to the popularity and accessibility of Guitar Hero.”

“I’m thrilled to see this many fans come together en masse to rock out to Guitar Hero 5.” said Michael Sportouch, Senior Director Guitar Hero Europe. “Achieving this new world record is the perfect celebration for the release of the new installment of Guitar Hero, which promises consumers the ultimate interactive gaming experience.”