Furthermore, I would like to mention Nintendo Direct, our new challenge that I introduced at the last Financial Results Briefing. The number of live viewers of the webcast reached more than 100,000 and hundreds of thousands of people watched it, including its recorded version. We have also found out that a fairly good number of people viewed it via Nintendo Channel for Wii or Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.

This challenge is changing our way of game promotion as well as the transmission of information. Specifically, after Nintendo Direct, we have been distributing 3D videos and demo versions of the software introduced on the webcast through Nintendo eShop. After watching Nintendo Direct, consumers can go to Nintendo eShop and download and actually experience 3D videos and demo versions on their Nintendo 3DS systems. This helps consumers to actively communicate with each other and deeply understand the attractions of the games.

We are still be in the process of trial and error with this new challenge, and the collaboration between Nintendo Direct and Nintendo eShop, but we believe that this can potentially help less-noted new games become known to many people.