Just in case you missed Iwata keynote speech. Here are a few highlights from it.

  • Netflix this summer on 3DS. Start watching on your 3DS then finish it on your Wii.
  • 3D Trailers on 3DS, like Green Lantern.
  • Nintendo working on 3D video recording on 3DS.
  • End of May, 3DS will use AT&T hotspots for free.
  • eShop to have 3D Classics. Classic games redone in 3D.
  • World wide system update in late May will bring a lot of these things to the 3DS.
  • New Super Mario for 3DS. Created by the Galaxy Team. Logo has a tail, will be revealed at E3.
  • New trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword shown, looks awesome! Tons of new gameplay
  • Legend of Zelda Anniversary game being looked at.