Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, recently had an interview about the success of the Wii. He was very modest in his responses saying that Nintendo still has a lot of work to do. He said the same thing happened with the DS and then it went through a rough spell before emerging as king of the handhels. Same thing for the Wii. He said the software will ultimately drive the Wii forward and convince people that the controller is viable. Here’s an excerpt:

Despite having shipped over a million units to Japan last year, Iwata isn’t celebrating the Wii’s success just yet. “Any system will sell well following launch,” said the Nintendo president, “but there will definitely come a time where it will stop selling. Even the DS hit a rough spell after selling 1.5 million units a month after launch. The flame was really lit a year after launch, after Nintendogs and Brain Age became big hits. With the Wii, we have to make good software just as we did with the DS.”

I think it’s good that Nintendo realizes what it had to do with the DS–make good software. Now all they have to do is apply that principle to making creative and unique Wii game experiences.

Source: IGN Wii