“We have not designed them (the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U) to be mere improved versions of their predecessors. We have designed them so that they can realise what has been impossible. Some of the differences that must be rather easily comprehensible with the Nintendo 3DS are such features as StreetPass and SpotPass communications, which have realised the positive surprises which were not possible with other prior devices.

“When the company can finalise the development of the software which takes full advantage of these unique functions, for example, if we can do so with the new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 3DS, our consumers will be able to feel and realise that the new Animal Crossing is not only a richer version of its predecessors but also how positively such functions can affect their play experiences.

“We are making efforts so that people in the future will see and play the software, and say that Nintendo has used the exclusive functions of the Nintendo 3DS and the unique functions of the Wii U in a smart way.”