411: Why not direct the attention of your crusade to encouraging responsibility among parents? I am not talking as much about what games they buy for their kids (I do believe following the ratings helps) but about sitting down with their kids and helping them understand the difference between the game’s virtual reality and real life.

Jack Thompson: I encourage responsibility among parents, including the parents who are at cash registers who sell Mature games to other parents’ kids with their parents nowhere in sight. See, that is the sole issue for me. Is the industry going to stop selling Mature games to kids under 17 with no parent in sight. The industry says it wants parents to be fully involved in the buying process. Fine, then get your lying butts, Wal-Mart and Best Buy and Target to the 94% age compliance rate of GameStop. How did GameStop do that? By having “zero tolerance” for the sale of M games to anyone under 17. You do that and you the clerk gets fired and the store manager gets fired. It’s freaking easy. Instead, all of the retailers are selling, with no age restriction and no age verification all games to anyone of any age via Internet sales. We’re closing that loophole in Utah, and that law we are going to pass there is going to spread like wildfire.

Holy crap I kind of agree with Jack Thompson! I never thought I would say those words. I have heard gamestop employees telling old grandmother and parents who want to buy an M rated game for there your child, that they shouldn’t. “You know that this game is M for this, this and this?” The normally end up repeating themselves multiple times but they still do. Why not have more education for parent on video games, it all comes back down to the parents, and that’s where me and Mr. Thompson don’t see eye to eye.  How about this, uncensored video game commercials and show really what a game is. If some one sees Travis Touchdown cutting someones head off, I am sure parents would stay away from that game for there young children. Well I hope.

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