“The eyes are the first thing everyone mentions” says Quantum of Solace developer Jeremy Luyties, “But they really are that blue.” We’re looking at Bond – James Bond – as he presses his back to a wall to avoid a hail of fire, and, yep, his eyes are piercing like diamond-bullets. But that’s all part of the likeness: this is the first Bond to feature stern-jawed Daniel Craig and his terrifyingly steely gaze.

We last saw him in Casino Royale staring down the barrel of a gun at terrorist kingpin Mr White, shortly after shooting him in the leg – and the next film’s going to kick off with Bond interrogating the murdering scumbag at MI6. The game, meanwhile, straddles both films – the developers have been to the sets of both, taking hundreds of reference photos since early in Casino’s production – although because of security restrictions around Solace, most of the levels we’ve seen are from Casino Royale.

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