Every year Justin, Pure Nintendo’s founder, and I have a friendly competition to see who is the very best at all things. Each year we look into our crystal balls to produce ten predictions for the year. This time I have decided to do something a little different. In addition to the ten predictions we usually do, we also made two wild-card predictions. These predictions are something that have little chance of happening but if they do, we are geniuses and we get 2 points for each wild card prediction instead of the regular 1 point.

First, let us see how we did on our 2014 predictions.

The 2014 Predictions of James:

  1. New 3DS design, probably the light version.
  2. Super Smash Brothers will be out sooner than later. Probably near the end of summer.
  3. Retro’s next title, after Donkey Kong, will be revealed.
  4. Nintendo will go back to holding presser at E3 2014.
  5. New Star Fox game announced.
  6. Nintendo will introduce a his is a littew IP for the Wii U.
  7. The Wii U will end 2014 with the 2nd most home system sales.
  8. New Wii U Zelda game will be the darkest yet.
  9. Zelda Wii U will be announced for a 2015 release.
  10.  The 3DS family will be the top seller of 2014.

The 2014 Predictions of Justin:

  1. Zelda Wii U will be unveiled.
  2. At least 1 new Wii U game will be shown taking advantage of the NFC features of the GamePad.
  3. Miyamoto to show off his new IP.
  4. A new Metroid game announced.
  5. Wii U to see another price drop.
  6. New peripheral/expansion announced for Wii U GamePad.
  7. A new 3DS hardware revision announced, possibly a lighter/slimmer model.
  8. New Star Fox game announced.
  9. Advance Wars sequel to debut.
  10. More connectivity features announced between 3DS and Wii U.

This is almost too close to call but I will edge this year to Justin. Who do you think won? Now, let’s take a look at the 2015 predictions.

The 2015 Predictions of James

  1. Nintendo will announce another new IP for the Wii U.
  2. Another Mario Game announced – more like Galaxy.
  3. The Wii U will see a price drop.
  4. Nintendo will announce a new generation of ExciteBike.
  5. Third-party developers will make a huge return to the Wii U.
  6. A Nintendo themed movie announced.
  7. Nintendo QOL will see popularity in Japan but little excitement in North America.
  8. Nintendo will release DLC for Smash Brothers and more for Mario Kart 8.
  9. We will finally see something on that Metriod game we have always wanted. Will probably release 2016.
  10. Kid Icarus game for the Wii U

Wild card predictions

  1. Next Nintendo handheld will be announced
  2. An update to the GamePad will be announced.

The 2015 Predictions of Justin

  1. New Nintendo 3DS to release in Spring 2015
  2. Retro Studios’ next game unveiled
  3. Wii U will see another price drop
  4. Quality of Life platform unveiled
  5. More games will take better advantage of amiibo (not just unlocking skins/DLC or being AI controlled)
  6. Pokken Fighters announced for Wii U
  7. New Animal Crossing announced for Wii U
  8. New peripheral/expansion announced for the Wii U GamePad
  9. New Pokemon game(s) announced, will use amiibo
  10. New platform(s) will be added to the Virtual Console service
Wild Cards:
  1. Next generation Nintendo handheld announced, won’t release in 2015
  2. Software update will allow Wii U to play GameCube games

We would love to hear some of your predictions for 2015. Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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