As 2015 comes to an end we do what everyone typically does at this time of year and look back over the previous year and try to predict what’s in-store for us through the next year.

Pure Media owner, Justin Sharp, and I go WAY back. Let’s say middle school. Over those years we have spent a lot of time predicting what we would see from Nintendo, movies, music, girls, ect. Six years ago Justin and I decided we would start airing our debate publicly on the site.

For all you know I’m winning. For those that go over the past years predictions, Justin holds the edge – But let’s just go with I’m totally winning.

Before we get into our 2016 predictions, let’s take a look at our 2015 predictions.

The 2015 Predictions of James

  1. Nintendo will announce another new IP for the Wii U.
  2. Another Mario Game announced – more like Galaxy.
  3. The Wii U will see a price drop.
  4. Nintendo will announce a new generation of ExciteBike.
  5. Third-party developers will make a huge return to the Wii U.
  6. A Nintendo themed movie announced.
  7. Nintendo QOL will see popularity in Japan but little excitement in North America.
  8. Nintendo will release DLC for Smash Brothers and more for Mario Kart 8.
  9. We will finally see something on that Metriod game we have always wanted. Will probably release 2016.
  10. Kid Icarus game for the Wii U

Wild cards:

  1. Next Nintendo handheld will be announced
  2. An update to the GamePad will be announced.

The 2015 Predictions of Justin

  1. New Nintendo 3DS to release in Spring 2015
  2. Retro Studios’ next game unveiled
  3. Wii U will see another price drop
  4. Quality of Life platform unveiled
  5. More games will take better advantage of amiibo (not just unlocking skins/DLC or being AI controlled)
  6. Pokken Fighters announced for Wii U
  7. New Animal Crossing announced for Wii U
  8. New peripheral/expansion announced for the Wii U GamePad
  9. New Pokemon game(s) announced, will use amiibo
  10. New platform(s) will be added to the Virtual Console service

Wild Cards:

  1. Next generation Nintendo handheld announced, won’t release in 2015
  2. Software update will allow Wii U to play GameCube games

You can check out episode 83 of the Koop Kast to see the breakdown of the winner from last year. Let’s just say Justin won or Nintendo failed all of us by not following my predictions.

A note about our 2016 predictions. These predictions are not made with any research or insider information – basically just fun. Over the years our predictions have morphed into more about cool possibilities rather than fact.

The 2016 Predictions of James 

  1. Wii U will see another price drop. – Probably around $249.
  2. Nintendo will announce the Wii U sales over the holidays were really strong..
  3. A new evolution of Nintendo’s next handheld – Be it the NX part or the next evolution after 3DS.
  4. Star Fox Wii U sales will be disappointing for Nintendo but not bad overall.
  5. Nintendo will tease something Metorid for the NX.
  6. The NX will simplify Nintendo’s hardware approach – Will not have any surprise gimmicks.
  7. The NX will have similar specs to the PS4 and One but offer a streamlined architecture and efficient GPU.
  8. Image and Form and/or both Renegade Kid will jump into making an indie console game. – Possibly together.
  9. Nintendo’s mobile market will do very well – especially in Japan. This will help Nintendo see profits through 2016.
  10. Someone at Nintendo will announce the Wii U failed.

Wild Cards:

  1. We will see part or all the NX in 2016.
  2. Nintendo will bring a Mario platformer to mobile.

The 2016 Predictions of Justin 

  1. The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will finally release in 2016, probably closer to Holiday 2016
  2. Retro Studios’ next game finally unveiled
  3. Another Wii U price drop but it’ll be in the form of more bundles with games
  4. New Pokemon game(s) announced for the franchise’s 20th anniversary, will use amiibo in some way
  5. Wii U / 3DS digital purchases using players’ Nintendo Network IDs will be transferable to the new Nintendo Account and subsequently to the NX
  6. The NX will be the new Nintendo home console, but it’ll have other hardware to take on the go like a handheld (could be bundled or bought separately)
  7. Relating to the prediction above, the new Nintendo console and handheld will use the same software platform/OS so players can play games on either system
  8. GameCube games will be added to the Virtual Console service
  9. Nintendo to announce some surprising third-party partnerships/support for the NX
  10. Nintendo will be aggressive with the NX’s release and shoot to launch by the end of 2016 (now that could just be the handheld piece or home console so it could be a tiered release)

Wild Cards:

  1. Nintendo announces a custom bluetooth controller modeled after the Wii U Pro Controller with iOS/Android compatibility to play Virtual Console games on mobile devices
  2. The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will release on Wii U and be playable on the NX home console and NX handheld (essentially by virtue of all Wii U games being playable on the NX)

Who do you think will win in 2016? We would love to hear some of your predictions below.