Chotto Magic Taizen: Psychic Camera (200 Points)

– another Master of Illusion-style game
– made for DSiWare
– uses camera

Puzzle Variety: Monthly Crossword House Vol. 1 (500 Points)

– crossword puzzles
– first of three volumes
– 50 crosswords

Rhythm Training New English Immersion: Simple Conversations (800 Points)

– developed by Jam Sessions studio Plato
– contains elements from Eigo ga Nigate na Otona no DS Training: Eigo Zuke
– repeat English phrases into the DSi microphone

Mr. Brain (500 Points)

– brain training game
– based on TV show

Pocket Rurubu Tokyo, Pocket Rurubu Kyoto (800 Points each)

– produced by Nintendo and Rurubu (travel guide company)
– guides for Tokyo and Kyoto
– features maps
– plan trips based on suggested attractions
– take photos and connect them with locations on maps