Yes, the era of the hardcore gamer is coming to an end, and while I’ve loved my years at EGM, I’ve also been waiting eagerly for this time to come. For so long, finding a way to reach women gamers was this magical holy grail — something people could only fantasize about. Nobody had any clue how to do it, and a lot of people didn’t believe it could be done. Casual games on the web, World of Warcraft, and Nintendo Wii and DS have proven that it’s not only possible, it’s happening NOW — and I simply can’t resist the call to join the cause. This has long been an interest of mine (way, way, way before it was cool or profitable :), and it makes sense that now is the time to jump.

I am wondering, and hoping, could Core Gamers and “Casual gamers” ever live together? Why can’t developers make games for both? I have a dream, that core and casual gamers will meet at the cross roads of the their favorite gaming consoles, and join hands as every gamer should, in harmony and urging, for that perfect game.