Jerry Bruckheimer: We hired a very interesting director – Mike Newell – who did one of the Harry Potter’s and also did Donnie Brasco and he’s a very inventive, ingenious director and I think he’s going to bring something really special to it. We’re just starting to… we have a screenplay, we’re just starting to develop the look of it. It’ll be unique and fresh.


Q: Is this one of these properties that you envision the possibility of a franchise out of and is this going to be a really big film the way a National Treasure is?


Jerry Bruckheimer: Yes. It’s a big production and if they work it’s another character that you can take on other adventures.


Q: Do you have any casting on it?


Jerry Bruckheimer: Not yet.


Q: Can you do for video games what you did for theme park rides?


Jerry Bruckheimer: I don’t know. We’ll see.


Q: Is that script set in stone now because of the

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I am a big fan of Jerry Bruckheimer work, CSI, Pirates, Armageddon , Block Hawk down, etc. If any one can pull of the Prince of Persia game I think Jerry Bruckheimer can.