Just wanted to clear up for everyone this story was no way true! It was just fun to play along like it was. Sorry if anyone was mislead.   

I am not sure if I believe this story, but its an interesting read anyways.

Well in the wake of Capcom copping a lawsuit from George Romero’s MKR group for copyright infringement with Dead Rising, the word on the street is that Kevin Costner’s “people” are preparing to launch a multi-million dollar case against Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo for the plagiarism of the actor’s titular role in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Here’s what a spokeswomen for Kevin Costner had to say;

“Nintendo not only knowingly copied our client’s appearance in his 1991 blockbuster without adequate compensation, they also refused to answer courteous calls from our client during that period to amicably settle the matter out of court. The best Shigeru Miyamoto could muster in the form of a response was to simply leave a message for his secretary to pass on: ‘I loved you in Field of Dreams‘. Completely unacceptable. It is therefore in the best interests of our client, and of the principles of legal justice in today’s increasingly profit-driven society, for us to launch this action.”