– Developed by Studio H.A.N.D.
– co-directed by Tomohiro Hasegawa (FF8, Kingdom Hearts)
– ‘gorgeous cut-scenes’
– L and R buttons for camera control
– Explore Illusiopolis, Twilight Town, Agrabah, and Wonderland
– no new worlds
– direct Organization XIII in multiplayer
– multiplayer missions are separated from main plot of the game
– bottom screen features a map, and some sort of chat function may be added
– No touch controls
– single player summary: Roxas fights The Heartless
– menu/combat system returns from previous games
– customization/leveling up will allow for ‘great freedom’
– music – Yoko Shimomura
– possibility of a few new songs, mostly tracks from previous games
– story: Daisuke Watanabe
– storyline takes place during Roxas’ life, from his introduction to Organization XIII to his fatal duel with Riku Bits about Mickey and the identity of the 14th Nobody will also be involved.