Multiplayer Demo

· Choose Roxas, Axel, Xigbar or Saix.
· Character Selection screen shows Organization members sitting in their chairs.
· Roxas – 3 hit combo.
· Axel has a different feel then Roxas, and the demo player was relieved when he/she was able to use his fire attacks.
· Demo takes place in Twilight Town
· 4x small wizards, 1x Fat Body and 4x Shadows, a boss (Dark Side)
· Once mission is cleared, you get the record screen.
· 358/2 Days is set for a Summer 2008 release.

Single Player Demo

Roxas walking towards the Organization chair. Xigbar: “Woops!”
Roxas ignores Xigbar, and moves to Saix.
Saix: “We suggest you take Axel for this mission.”
Roxas then moves to the corridor and is teleported to Twilight Town.
Two missions: defeat Dark Side, defeat four heartless.

(after Axel and Roxas defeat Dark Side)
Axel: “Roxas, what are you doing here?”
Roxas: “Axel…”
the heartless then come in, but the pair is saved by the 14th member
The 14th member smiles at both Axel and Roxas. The pair show mixed feelings towards this new member. Her face is not revealed.

Trailer Review

· There is a scene where member No.14 helps Roxas and Axel after being surprised by heartless.
· Mickey is looking towards the woods of Twilight Town in his coat.
· Roxas looking at Aladdin and Jasmine.
· Roxas is kidnapped by the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.