The power behind the key!

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key is scheduled to hit Nintendo Switch on February 24th, 2023, and KOEI TECMO continues to build anticipation with details of the enhanced battle system and some returning characters.

The video above focuses on the return of Patricia, Empel, and Lila, but not all of them will come easy. The following from the press release does contain some mild spoilers…

While working to solve the mysteries of the new islands, Ryza reunites with some nostalgic old friends. It seems Ryza has asked the familiar faces of Empel and Lila to help in her investigation, but when Ryza reaches the village of Faurre where they are said to be staying, she finds out that her old friends are being held captive! As Ryza scrambles to save them, another familiar face shows up on the scene – Patricia – dazzling as always with her swordsmanship! Once Ryza and Patricia help free Empel and Lila, all three returning characters can be added to Ryza’s party as they continue to work together to uncover the truth behind this new threat to Kurken Island.

As for the enhanced combat, players will be able to select up to five active members from 11 total when going into battle. And the titular keys will an important part of the process.

A new system that transitions between battles, and the use of keys speeds up each fight and makes for a more seamless experience. Three battle members will be positioned up front with two in the rear, with players having the ability to use and swap out various skills. Some powerful sills will be activated in response to action orders from friends, while powerful keys can be equipped and used in battles to help crush the most grueling enemies. Using a key strengthens a character for a certain period of time, while also dropping the waiting time for all actions to zero, enabling you to use skills and attacks continuously!

The keys will also be put to good use for exploration and, of course, synthesizing items.

By inserting materials into a material ring, Ryza will be able to synthesize special items, then by using a key to improve the level of the recipe, Ryza will be able to not only improve the quality of the item, she will be able to increase the number of creations! Through the new “Link Morph” ability, Ryza will be able to add certain effects to items that could not be added before, while some items will feature a “super trait”, enabling the creation of even stronger items! Thanks to all of these new features, Ryza will be able to create extremely specialized items, the likes of which she hasn’t seen before.

Those interested in buying Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key will have two options for exclusive content. First, a Premium Box will be available exclusively through the NISA Online Store. In addition to the game itself, this version will include an artbook, original illustration B2 cloth poster, special clear file (set of 2), mini acrylic character charm, and early access DLC code for Ryza’s “Marine Look of Kurken Shore” costume. This collectible box can be preordered now for $109.99.

If you’re just after the game itself, those who purchases a physical or digital copy within two weeks after launch will be able to download a special set of seven Summer Look costumes. If you miss it, the costumes may be made available for purchase at a later date.

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