We knew previously that Koji Kondo would be attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year, but now it looks like he will be performing as well.

Legendary Nintendo composer Koji Kondo will be making a special appearance at the event and is scheduled to perform one of his favorite melodies from his long and storied career. Joining Nintendo in 1984, he has worked on such beloved franchises as Mario™, Zelda®, Star Fox® and many more. “There is clearly no game music more recognizable around the world than the themes that Mr. Kondo has created over the years.” said Video Games Live executive producer and co-creator Tommy Tallarico. “What an incredible honor to have such a true legend in the gaming world join us on stage to celebrate video game music and the wonderful industry surrounding it.”

Koji Kondo has worked with Nintendo since the NES days and was the one responsible for the original Super Mario Bros. music—which he’ll no doubt be playing at the show.