Thursday, America and Russia signed a new Nuclear Arms Treaty that will reduce the amount of nuclear weapons each country has, along with other regulations. This statement is coming from Kojima (MGS developer) twitter page.

“A new nuclear arms treaty was formed between US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev. The Prague signing was a new start. But I’m worried about whether they’ll be able to actually implement it before it lapses. In Peace Walker, which is set around 36 years back, we handle the old start, but realizing a ‘world without nuclear weapons’ is difficult. Even if you come to an agreement to reduce nuclear arms, the difficult part is what comes next. Dismantling nuclear missiles and warheads takes a large budget. Also, safe storage and maintenance of nuclear missiles takes up a lot of money as well. In Russia following the fall of the Soviet Union, sloppy management of nuclear weapons became a problem. MGS1 had that as one of its themes. MGS1 was the story of terrorists assaulting a US nuclear disarmament facility. This plot was actually supposed to have been used in Metal Gear 2, but in terms of the era, it did not yet have a realistic feeling, so we changed to a biomass story.”