EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – September 2nd, 2009 – Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. today announced Storybook Workshop for the Wii, an exciting new initiative in their family-friendly games catalogue to reach pre-school children. Scheduled to be released this fall in North America, Storybook Workshop immerses kids and their parents in 16 classic children’s fairy tales and fables and many other exciting features. Through the use of the included USB microphone, you can read along, record and play back readings of your favorite stories, including the most beloved tales from Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, Aesop and around the world. Storybook Workshop’s unique microphone functionality will even magically change your voice to sound like the characters in the stories, including fairies, giants and robots! Continue the fun with your children in a lively sing-along room where nursery rhymes come to life right in front your children’s eyes, and watch as they learn rhythm, language, numbers and shapes in the exciting Play & Learn mode. Your kids can track their progress by using a virtual sticker pad, which will get pre-schoolers excited and motivated to continue to read and complete the stories.

In addition to all the wonderful reading attractions with Storybook Workshop, kids are able to create memories and tap into their creativity simply by using the sound of their voice and “painting” colorful masterpieces that they are able to display on their own personal virtual easel. With all this and more, Storybook Workshop will transform family story time into a wonderfully memorable, fun and enriching experience with your pre-schooler.

“As a parent, I know how hard it is to find fun and engaging activities to share with your kids,” said Shinji Hirano, Executive Vice President for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “With 16 bedtime story classics, voice-changing functionality, and the ability to bring your custom Mii avatar into the stories, Storybook Workshop provides kids with a unmatchable reading and learning experience that the whole family can enjoy together.”

Featuring a number of popular fairy tales, fables and songs including;
• Little Red Riding Hood
• The Ugly Duckling
• Town Musicians of Bremen
• The Golden Goose
• The Happy Prince
• Mary Had a Little Lamb
• Old MacDonald Had a Farm
• Row Row Row Your Boat
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

For assets and more information, please visit http://www.konami.com/downloads/