News from Konami is starting to trickle in now. IGN Wii has the exclusive on Dewy’s Adventure, a brand new Wii game built from the ground up to take advantage of the Wii’s controller. The game is completely controlled using the unique motion-sensing capabilities of the Wiimote/nunchuk. Check out the details:

Players use the Wii remote to navigate the character through an assortment of environments and harness his special abilities. In terms of control, gamers tilt the Wii remote to angle and rotate the landscapes in order to position Dewy in the correct spots for puzzle-solving. Dewy can also modify the temperature of his immediate surroundings, changing ice to mist, for example. Using his elemental powers, Dewy can freeze or heat different parts of the worlds in order to trigger a variety of puzzles and advance. In addition, players can induce earthquakes, lightning bolts or even damaging gusts of wind, among other things, by shaking and waving the Wii remote respectively during certain situations.

IGN has tons more information if you follow the link below. Also, check out the videos of the game in action.

Dewy’s Adventure Videos

Source: IGN Wii