Pure Nintendo is live on Koopa Chat at 3:30 PM EST with Monty Goulet of Maestro Interactive Games, developer of Percy’s Predicament which is available on Wii U.

We will be hanging out with Monty talking about the games he is developing at Maestro Interactive, indie game development in general, and anything else that we end up chatting about!  The conversation will be driven by the participants, Monty Goulet, Trevor Gould, and Justin ‘J Money’ Hinton, as well as viewer questions that can be submitted through the Google Hangout* Q&A application during the live video.

We hope that Nintendo and Pure Nintendo fans alike are able to attend and we will see everyone live at 3:30 PM EST.

All Koopa Chat episodes will be re-watchable once the live show ends.

*A Google+ account is required to ask questions via Google Hangout Q&A application.