The Pure Nintendo crew is getting together tonight at 8:30 PM EST for our live Koopa Kast!  This will be our 43rd Episode, even though we lost track at some point along the way, and there is a lot of Nintendo news to talk about that occurred during the past couple weeks so we hope that everyone is able to join us tonight! Koopa Kast is a live podcast and we encourage all of our viewers to ask questions during the live show*. Viewer questions that can be submitted through the Google Hangout* Q&A application during the live video.

We hope that Nintendo and Pure Nintendo fans alike are able to attend and we will see everyone live at 8:30 PM EST.

All Koopa Kast episodes will be re-watchable on YouTube once the live show ends.

*A Google+ account is required to ask questions via Google Hangout Q&A application.