It’s almost time for Koopa Kast #46!  That means our staff gets a break from the edit mines, and comes out to talk about the world of Nintendo.  This week’s crew will be Justin “J-Money” Hinton, Trevor Gould, Matt Paxton, Alex Schramke, and Tristan Meiman.

We’ll be talking about subjects such as Yoshi’s New Island, Nintendo and GDC, ‘Has anyone tried that Donkey Kong Cake?’ and ‘Physical v Retail: Choose a Side’.  As always, we finish up with games we have been playing, and reader questions.

Do you have questions for us?  Questions that you would like us to answer on air? Just drop us a line at, or you can comment on this very post! Say you slept in, and missed your chance to e-mail us.  WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T PANIC!  Since we use Google Hangouts On Air, we will have an open Q&A section where you can send us your burning query right then and there!

The Koopa Kast will start at 8:30PM EST.  You’ll see the video link pop up on this page around 8:00PM.