It’s time once more for the Koopa Kast Podcast.  Well, it’s actually not time yet, since we start the podcast at 8:30PM EDT.

This week’s Koopa Kast get’s a little more business-y as Matt, Alex, Justin, J-Money, and Trevor talk about the happenings in the world of Nintendo.  As a bonus offer, I’m going to link to all of subjects we plan to cover this episode. 

Miyamoto states Dual Gamepad Gameplay is not a priority for Nintendo Right now.

Philips has won a lawsuit case against Nintendo over two patents in the UK court.  Why does this particular case matter?
[Bonus: Check out this Philips concept controller our boss, Justin, posted way back in 2007].

 –  EA’s kerfufule with releasing FIFA 15 to the Wii but not Wii U.

–  Nintendo’s new building for development in Minami-Ku, Kyoto.  This is interesting, since Nintendo of Europe just closed down one of their buildings in Germany (don’t ask me to pronounce the name).

– News and excitement is still swirling about the upcoming Zelda for Wii U, so I want to know what you want out of the next Zelda (first professionally, then personally)

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