[Update] What?  You didn’t get a chance to hear our melodious voices?  Well, that’s ok.  It turns out that Google Plus was giving us all sorts of problems, and we ended up recording under a separate set of accounts.  I have scoured the wastelands of youtube to find the original recording, and put it up on our own channel.



Hey Koopa Kast listeners.  It’s time for the 48th rendition of the Koopa Kast.  It’s been a slower couple of weeks than most, so we have less topics than usual, but more people! 

This week will be filled with the musings of James Higginbotham, Justin Hinton, Matt Paxton, and Tristan Meiman! 

We’ll be talking things like the latest Smash Bros Reveal, what Nintendo’s presence in SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) could mean for the future, and James’s “Transformers: Rise of Dark Spark” review.  

If you have burning questions for us, check out the Q&A that we will have going throughout the Kast.  You could also go to PureNintendo.com and leave a comment in the Koopa Kast Section (In fact, I’m talking about this very section).

Due to technical difficulties with Google Hangouts we are delayed at the moment. We are looking into alternatives and will keep everyone updated. There is no back up plan but if all else fails, burn it with fire! Hopefully we will not have to reschedule this Koopa Kast episode to another day.