Could it be? Yes! It’s Koopa Kast for the third week in a row! It’s time for the 48 iteration of PNM’s world-famous Koopa Kast!

Watch Dogs for the Wii U now has a definite release window, and we can breathe a little bit easier. Let’s talk about features we hope Ubisoft Montreal utilized for this edition. 

In Mario Kart 8, we learned that there will be at least 30 different characters to choose from. Is there a limit to how many characters Nintendo should put in Mario Kart? What about Smash Bros? 

Now, I know all of us have seen that Tomodachi Life trailer Nintendo tried to sneak by us right after the Smash Direct. Let’s talk a bit about that? Did you find it bizarre? Really bizarre? Was Iwata right to ask out Samus Aran right after Bill Trinen finally worked up the guts?

After that, we’ll take a look at any reader questions we may have gotten, and talk about what games we have been playing.

This week, we have Matt Paxton, Justin Sharp, Justin Hinton, and Trevor Gould.


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We hope you can join us for this latest Koopa Kast at 8:30PM EST!