I’m sure you’ve heard the news. If you haven’t, why aren’t you reading our website more? Well, out of the goodness of my heart, I guess I can catch you up. The gaming press certainly has had a busy few days after Nintendo announced a few changes in the coming future. First up, Nintendo has teamed up with Mobile developer, DeNA (pronounced like DNA) to deliver games to the mobile market, something many have asked of the Tokyo-based company for a few years. The first of these titles will be available sometime later this year. Following this announcements, Nintendo’s stocks have been in an uptake. Nobody panic, because Nintendo has not decided to leave the console market. Quite the contrary.

Following the DeNA announcement, Nintendo President Iwata revealed a few details of Nintendo’s upcoming console, currently dubbed “NX”. The newest console is currently under development, and utilizes a new concept (as is par for Nintendo’s course). What this concept is has not been revealed. However, Iwata has stated that Nintendo will reveal more information in 2016 (likely at E3 2016).

Now that you are all caught up, you will be ready to watch our live podcast, Koopa Kast. Is Nintendo right to go mobile? Is it too soon for a new console? Will the console be called “The New Wii U”? Join Matt, Alex Schramke, and Justin Sharp as we talk about the ups and downs of Nintendo’s latest decisions, and what they could possibly mean for business and consumer alike.

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