Hey Koopa Kast listeners!  It’s time to start up another Koopa Kast.

We’re coming up on 30 years since Super Mario Bros was released on the on the NES.  So, let’s talk about Mario; memories, collection, and how the franchise has evolved.  The PureNintendo.com staff will also discuss what direction the infamous series is going, and what direction we want Miyamoto to take the mustachioed plumber.

Koopa Kast 76 will start up this Wednesday at 8:30PM EDT.  If anyone would like to ask a question for the Koopa Kast, or you want to share you favorite Mario memory, you can leave a comment below, or you can use twitter, and tweet @purenintendo using the hashtag #KoopaKast.

For podcast listeners, the Koopa Kast will go up on iTunes this Thursday at 12:00PM EDT.