Happy Wednesday, everyone!  We’re here once again with another edition of the Koopa Kast!  And while we are sure there are other things going on in the world of Nintendo…we’ve been too busy playing Mario Maker to notice.  So, we decided that our topic will be more Mario Maker.  What have we been concocting since the game’s release?  Who will take home the bragging rights for most stars?  What have we been seeing from the community?  These are just a few of the discussions we will have about Nintendo’s community driven title.

The Koopa Kast will begin tonight at 8:30 EDT, with the audio version going online tomorrow at 12:00 EDT.  Questions or comments for the Koopa Kast?  You can leave some in the comment section below, or you can tweet @PureNintendo using the hashtag #KoopaKast.  Hope to see you there!