Yippee….*sigh*  More predictions from journalists on high.  Check them out for yourself, although they mostly just joke around about what Nintendo might show.


Brian Crecente
Home dated and Home game rooms for titles like Resistance and Warhawk detailed (4:1)
Microsoft announces motion controller which will be sold bundled with a game. (4:1)
Microsoft shows off new Xbox 360 user interface (2:1)
Microsoft announces Avatars, its own version of the Mii (1:1)
Microsoft announces new bundle that features white Xbox 360, motion controller and game. (10:1)
Animal Crossing Wii gets stuffed animals with virtual keycodes. (100:1)
EA Take-Two merger unveiled. (10:1)
EA Takes on Bungie as a label partner. (20:1)
Bungie’s answer to Mario unveiled (2:1)
At least one celebrity calls one of the music games shown off on stage by the wrong name. (5:1)

Brian Ashcraft
Nintendo will say “We haven’t forgotten the core gamer” at its press conference at least three times (5:1)
Square Enix will announce “Kingdom Hearts 3” for the Xbox 360 (10:1)
Don Mattrick will not sport Peter Moore style tattoos (2:1)
Nintendo will announce Animal Crossing Wii, and there will be no voice support (4:1)
Kaz Hirai will wear a pink shirt at the Sony presser (10:1)
Microsoft will announce a Blu-ray add-on (50:1)

Michael McWhertor
Nintendo announces Factor 5 developed Kid Icarus for Wii, spares us a Wii Bow peripheral. (4:1)
Ninja Blade announced as one of the first games to take advantage the new Xbox 360 motion controller. (10:1)
Smaller, cheaper PlayStation 3 announced for 2008 release (10:1)
Grand Theft Auto IV spin-off for Nintendo DS and/or PSP announced. (10:1)
Steven Spielberg’s “PQRS” revealed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. (8:1)
Sega reveals plans to bring Jet Set Radio, Alex Kidd and Typing of the Dead sequels to various platforms. (100:1)

Mike Fahey
PlayStation 2 titles downloadable for PS3. (10:1)
The Xbox 360 gets a web browser. (20:1)
Microsoft announces the Zune Store integration for the Xbox 360. (50:1)
Nintendo Wii gets a workable online service. (100:1)
Sony debuts break-apart motion controller, Nintendo fans break internet laughing (25:1)
Nintendo reveals Mario first-person shooter for the hardcore gamer. (100:1)

Leigh Alexander
We will see more than one new title featuring a with tough-as-nails, strong female protagonist. (2:1)
Nintendo will fail to announce a storage device for Wii, enraging the hardcore with another jovial, upbeat mass-market presentation including at least one head-scratcher peripheral. (4:1)
At least one more major publisher will announce it is developing or porting iPhone games. (2:1)
One awkward, surprise celebrity walk-on will spawn its own internet meme for the coming age. (10:1)
A new Nintendo DS will be unveiled, featuring an accelerometer and a camera. (10:1)
Sega will at last announce a true Sonic platformer, with no lame friends, no creepy love scenes, and no werewolves. (100:1)

Luke Plunkett
Peter Jackson Halo game shown off, people seem confused (3:1)
Pandemic will get around to announcing their sandbox Batman title, will look very dark (2:1)
Someone, somewhere, will spill that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be coming to 360 and PC (4:1)
Microsoft presser dominated by unveiling of a motion controller, will be supported by at least one Viva Pinata game and at least one Raving Rabbids game. (4:1)
BioWare’s KOTOR MMO is shown for the first time. Won’t be called KOTOR 3. (8:1)

Owen Good
The Conduit gets a publisher. (10:1)
Retro game suite a la Atari 2600 collection announced for the iPhone (20:1)
The Beatles coming to a rhythm game, maybe announcing a new one. (50:1)
It’s announced than an FPS using Wii Balance Board under dev. (75:1)
We’re given a sneak peek at some DLC upcoming for GTA IV. (25:1)
Lucasarts no longer handling its unnamed Indiana Jones action game. (10:1)