I thought it fitting to post the last Brawl update, it is bitter sweet.  Below is part of the update and below that is a message found on the main page of the website concerning the last update.

Basic Play

  • ■If you flick up while shielding, your character will actually jump straight out of the shielding animation. This technique also lets you perform your up smash straight out of your shield—but both of these moves can only be performed when the Tap Jump option is set to ON.
  • ■If you perform the command for rolling back onto the stage immediately after grabbing the ledge, the period of invincibility you enjoy while climbing up will be slightly longer than normal.
  • ■The attack you can perform when climbing up from a ledge changes when your accumulated damage climbs over 100% or so.
  • ■When your character has left the screen and is being displayed in a tiny hoop, you incur a little bit of damage known as hoop damage. However, once your damage climbs over 150%, you will no longer take damage in this fashion.
  • ■When a new challenger appears after a multiplayer match, the person who won the last match will fight the new character.
  • ■Stickers and CDs picked up by a computer-controlled player will not be added to your collection.
  • ■There is a general trend of throw strength throughout Brawl’s character roster. On the whole, characters with supernatural powers tend to have the most powerful throws, while fighters like the ones from the Fire Emblem series tend to have weaker ones.

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This Smash blog has spanned about 300 posts in almost 11 months, but now it is time to say goodbye.

Before creating this site, I knew I wanted it to be updated 5 days a week and support several languages. It was clear that this would be a massive scale for a website dedicated to a single game.

A lot of people around me were particularly concerned when I told them I planned to write blog posts while development was ongoing and continue to provide updates. Some argued, some just looked concerned, and others asked, “Can you really do this?!”

And all of the text in the articles was written by yours truly, Masahiro Sakurai. Make no mistake.

But the real credit for making the unthinkable possible should go to the Brawl staff who took screenshots and did follow-up work, and the Nintendo home-page staff who did the updates.

I also must thank the localization staff of Nintendo of America, who did the translation from Japanese to English, as well as the language specialists on the European production staff who handled the translation to several more languages.

I feel gratitude for those who helped that I can barely express in words. This site has been supported by so many staff members.

I created the Dojo with the intention of offering breaking news-type updates prior to the release of the game, and organizing the site so that it could be used as a database of features in the game after its release.

Now that Brawl is available, I am hoping that players will continue to use the site as a resource for information.

(This part is only posted on the Euro Dojo page)…But wait a second! The European version still isn’t out yet!! We’re still hard at work on it, so please hold on a little longer!

Also, there’s always a chance that I will need to update sometime in the future with some kind of announcement.

Thank you, everyone!
Director of Super Smash Bros. Brawl,
Masahiro Sakurai, Sora Ltd.

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