01. (PS2, Sega) J-League Pro Soccer 5
02. (NDS, Marvelous Interactive) Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On
03. (NDS, Square-Enix) Dragon Quest Monsters Joker
04. (PS2, Capcom) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
05. (WII, Nintendo) Wii Sports
06. (WII, Nintendo) Wii Play
07. (NDS, Nintendo) More Brain Age
08. (NDS, Nintendo) New Super Mario Bros.
09. (NDS, Nintendo) Hotel Dusk: Room 215
10. (NDS, Nintendo) Common Knowledge Training
11. (NDS, Nintendo) Animal Crossing Wild World
12. (PS2, Bandai-Namco) Saint Seiya: The Hades
13. (NDS, Nintendo) Picross DS
14. (NDS, Nintendo) Wario: Master of Disguise
15. (NDS, Nintendo) Mario Kart DS
16. (NDS, Sega) Sangokushi Taisen DS
17. (NDS, Pokemon) Pokemon Diamond
18. (NDS, Nintendo) Brain Age
19. (NDS, Nintendo) English Training
20. (NDS, IE Institute) Kanji Brain Test 2M
21. (NDS, Pokemon) Pokemon Pearl
22. (PS2, Hackberry) Pachinko Winter Sonata
23. (NDS, Spike) IQ Supply
24. (PSP, Capcom) Monster Hunter Portable
25. (NDS, Rocket Co.) Kanji Test